A Chat With Miray Tayfun, CEO of Vivoo

Tell us about Vivoo, how did it start?

Vivoo is a health tracker that uses urine to provide users with personalised insights and recommendations, as well as track their hydration, calcium, magnesium, Vitamin C, salt intake, urine pH, ketones, and kidney function. Additionally, you can take the test and receive your results instantly in just two minutes from the comfort of your home, using the Vivoo App on your smartphone.

Vivoo was founded to create an at-home test that could be used often to determine and track essential health metrics, and provide personalised, immediate advice to help improve those metrics over time. There are other products on the market that are either wearables or tests that require you to send a sample to a lab, which isn’t very pleasant. By combining deep body data with at-home comfort and privacy, Vivoo provides the best of both worlds.


Miray Tayfun - CEO Vivoo
Miray Tayfun, CEO of Vivoo


What challenges have you faced?

To create a seamless user experience with our product was and is our biggest challenge. Urine is an untapped and valuable field, but the implementation is the key to integrating it into the user’s everyday life. We also had to build an image processing algorithm that will allow us to add new metrics as we grow. As we tried industry leading methods, we realised we needed more to reach the level of accuracy we have today. The solution was machine learning and building an AI team inside the company.



What can we hope to see from Vivoo in the future?

To better assist customers on their healthy living journey, we are growing the Vivoo App world and the content inside the app as our user base grows. This year, we will be adding more urine sensors, wearable devices integrations, and personalised supplements to our platform. Through smart toilet applications, we plan to remove the manual testing process within a couple of years, as well as automate the process.