A Chat with Mykola Tymkiv, CEO at Health and Wellness Sub-brand of Gismart: Wellness

Wellness is a health and wellness subbrand of Gismart, leading app developers across the entertainment, music, pet tech and gaming sectors. A couple of years ago, when we were establishing Wellness, our primary goal was to find a more effective way to address common issues like weight loss and building healthier habits.

With hundreds of apps already on the market, many people still struggle to get the results they want. After many user interviews, conversations with multiple experts and UX prototype testing, we realized that our biggest challenge was to make the entire app content unique and relevant, and user experience personalized, engaging, and effortless which is particularly challenging for health and wellness apps.

Today we are a team of 60 passionate people and our portfolio of 7 products includes a face yoga and beautification app Luvly, a weight loss app Dancebit, a mood tracker app Mood Balance and others.


How did you come up with the idea for the company?

The key value of our products has always been expert content, created in partnership with dermatologists, face yoga experts, dance teachers, fitness coaches, and nutritionists. We have received a good amount of positive feedback and it is driving us to invest in expert programs more. We also truly believe in a holistic approach when it comes to wellness and combines our app programs and courses in a quite smart way that our audience appreciates.

For instance, in Luvly, proving the hypothesis that women are now more focused on sustainable and natural beauty treatments, we created personalized face yoga and skin care programs complementing them with nutrition plans for healthier skin. With Dancebit, the challenge was to find a non-conventional no-equipment home workout. Eventually, we came up with dance-based workouts. We combined different dancing styles with charismatic teachers, great music, offering people an alternative, fun way to exercise at home and achieve their goals.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

From the RnD division, we have turned into an independent self-sufficient business with a portfolio of 7 products used by over 20 million people worldwide. We love our audience as they are very engaged and responsive. We often use focus groups and surveys to help us align our content with users’ needs. We constantly test various hypotheses for new features and content. In 2022 we have been focusing on expanding the audience by increasing the products’ value.

Just in 2 years, we managed to increase Luvly app installs by four times from 1 million in 2020 to 4 million in 2022. Dancebit is another great example as we managed to grow from 30,265 installs in 2021 to 1,750,000 installs in 2022 on the iOS platform only. We are great believers that making excellent user experience has been and is the core driver of our business growth, as it enables our customers to build long-term habits and achieve their goals.

What can we expect from Wellness as a brand in the future?

We are working to create a complete ecosystem of interconnected health and fitness products and services that solve the most important consumers’ problems and enable users to achieve their goals offered as one individual plan.