A Chat with Nick Pendle, Co-Founder at Sexual Health App: The Lover App

The Lover app is a sex therapy app aiming to help the millions of people who struggle with sexual complaints every year, but never do anything about it because of cost, shame or awareness of solutions.

We connect users with Personal Advisors to give them 1:1 support whilst completing our self-therapy courses, which distil decades of research into step by step activities and exercises which are clinically proven to work.
Sexual Health App | Lover App Inc

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Meeting Dr. Britney Blair and learning about the effectiveness of her work, the increasing prevalence of psychosexual disorders and the lack of accessible, high-quality solutions for people, was what gave us the idea for Lover.

A resource that was completely personalised and science-based, but accessible, affordable and anonymous – which anyone could use to improve their sex life.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

Internally, the switch to remote working has been easy. Already partially remote, it has been a seamless transition to fully remote. In terms of our customers and the product, we launched in Feb 2020 – so right as the pandemic hit. In many ways, it was the perfect product for the pandemic, as people spent so much time at home with their partners. So we didn’t have to adjust anything massively – but we have been continuously tweaking the content to address emerging impacts of lockdown. Things like how to mitigate the impact of stress, distance and health concerns on a fulfilling sex life.

What can we hope to see from The Lover App in the future?

We’ve just made a big change to our offering so that now every customer who subscribes will get a 30-minute chat with one of our in-house Personal Advisors to tailor their journey and maximise their progress.

This is the first step on the path towards a truly hybrid product that contains world-class 1:1 support with highly effective exercises and activities. Effectively a hybrid of our original product with traditional sex therapy, which combines the best parts of each model to deliver something genuinely new, innovative and effective.

Eventually, we want to move towards a complete Stepped Care model, which is a full-service offering in which there are a number of different formats for people to choose & move between, depending on their preference personal situation, the severity of their sexual complaint and stage in their treatment. In addition to what is in the app today, these offerings will include video & audio consultations, group therapy sessions and a number of other features.