A Chat with Nick Steiert, Co-Founder at Youth and Student Travel Company: Intravelr

Intravelr is a company that specialises in providing unforgettable experiences to the young generation, creating life changing cultural exchange opportunities around the globe.

Intravelr offers a range of enriching experiences with a focus on sustainability, travelling with care, and giving back to the places we visit.

Former Invasion, Intravelr unites multiple camp travel destinations under one brand, adapting and evolving from Invasion. Following the acquisition of the travel company Invasion by Intrax in June 2021, the rebrand is inspired by and represents a fusion of the “in” of both Invasion and Intrax, while combining “Travelr” to create Intravelr, a name which perfectly connects both our past and our future, a reflection of us internally as a company and externally with our customers and partners.
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How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Invasion was founded in 2008 by Nick Steiert upon graduating from Leeds University Law School, initially as an events company based on Nick’s university experience where his passion for organising events and entrepreneurial spirit was first fostered.

In 2010, Invasion expanded to offer trips abroad to destinations such as Amsterdam, Paris, Dublin, Prague and Budapest; before expanding in 2014 to launch brands such as Camp Thailand, Camp Bali, Camp Maldives and Camp South Africa. In 2022, the company completed a rebrand by changing from Invasion to Intravelr.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

The travel industry was one of the most damaged and the company has struggled during the pandemic. Invasion was acquired by US company Intrax in 2021, and went few months ago through a major rebranding changing its name to Intravelr, where the “In” is the merging of Invasion and Intrax, and “Travelr” reflects its core mission to create life changing cultural exchange opportunities around the globe.

What can we hope to see from Intravelr in the future?

The future is looking bright now that travel has resumed and the company is looking stronger than ever, with potential new destinations and exciting activities.

The company has already launched its in-house Happiness Committee, which is responsible to create initiatives and organise events that helps employees to be more motivated and more productive, creating a fun and inspiring environment whilst supporting their mental health and wellbeing across 2023.