A Chat with Nir Miretzky, Co-Founder at Gaming Studio: Loopycore

Loopycore is an up-and-coming, innovative gaming studio that specializes in creating meaningful and engaging gaming experiences. We have assembled an amazing team with many years of experience in a variety of fields, including game development, blockchain, marketing and more.

We are focused on building the ultimate gaming user experience enhanced by blockchain technology. Our debut game, The Six Muskotiers is a Sci-Fi fantasy, battle arena strategy game. The game offers various mid-core elements but with the simplicity of casual gaming to appeal to a wide audience.

The Six Muskotiers provides an immersive experience, with a rich storyline and plenty of rewarding action for players.
The Six Muskotiers is on a journey to save the world from AI destruction –  European Gaming Industry News

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

My long-time friend Shay Perry (COO And Co-Founder of Loopycore) had a great idea for a mobile game. He called me and pitched the idea, and within minutes, we were exchanging ideas and could see the vision.

To further test our thinking, we bounced the idea off to various friends and colleagues, and everyone loved it. From there, things started moving rapidly and we very quickly had investors who also wanted to be part of our new venture.

Within a few short weeks, we had gone from concept to putting together the team and starting to build the game and ecosystem.

What do you think makes this company unique?

First of all, the team is comprised of amazingly talented professionals from various fields including gaming, marketing, blockchain and more. Our games will be aimed at providing the highest quality mobile gaming experiences that incorporate the latest technologies.

We’re basically casualizing mid-core by fusing casual with mid-core user experiences, and we believe that this will fulfill an overlooked segment of the mobile gaming market. By putting the player experience as a core value for our studio and creating our games with unique IP and rich storylines, it will drive up user engagement and revenue generation.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

The company is still in its infancy, however, we have already grown rapidly by ensuring we have all the necessary skills on board to deliver on our vision.

Our first game, despite still being in development, has an established community that is growing daily. We recently launched our closed alpha testing, and the feedback has been extremely encouraging.

What can we hope to see from The Six Muskotiers in the future?

The roadmap is very exciting. The current version of the game is single-player, so the next step will be the release of the multiplayer version. Plus, we have some top-secret ideas that will be incorporated, which we believe will give the game a real edge.

We are also aiming to keep evolving the game to create new seasons with exciting new adventures, characters, gear, NFTs and much more…. So, stay tuned.