A Chat with Oliver Yonchev, Co-Founder & CEO at Innovative Marketing and Consulting Company: Flight Story

My co-founder, Steven Bartlett, and I worked together at Social Chain. We launched Flight Story in 2021 to build the most innovative communications group in the world, bringing together the best in class products and services for growing businesses.

Flight Story is a modern marketing and communications group, where we have four divisions: strategic consulting, content, media and we have some proprietary data and tech capabilities within our walls.

We work with companies and industries who are looking to go through change, with our primary focus being disruptive brands, emerging technologies such as Web3 or biotech, complex sectors as well as the finance industry. We reach our customers through focusing on projecting our philosophies into the world where we are a very marketing, content-heavy business.


How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Our reasons for launching Flight Story in late 2021 were centered around two principles. The first was a recognition of what we were great at after our time at Social Chain, such as providing teams with the right tools to become highly sophisticated when it came to marketing.

The second catalyst was change – there are many industries which are currently going through an immense amount of change, and so our aim when launching the business was to support and guide these sectors navigate this change and take advantage of the opportunities that exist in today’s current climate.


How has Flight Story evolved over the last couple of years?

We officially launched Flight Story in December last year, where the company has since evolved significantly. Naturally when we first started, the backdrop of the world was very different and the big opportunity was supporting the finance sector, particularly companies that were going through an IPO, which we did successfully.

As we moved into this year, with the economic backdrop shifting, we broadened our services to not only focus on finance but other industries which were seeking this disrupting change. This has been a gradual expansion – we very much started with strategy, we made our first acquisition and partnership with R. Agency in January, who increased our capabilities, and since then we continue to develop and grow across the group where we are now a team of 50 people.

What can we hope to see from Flight Story in the future?

We have very exciting plans coming up, as we will officially launch publicly. We have now come out of beta for our first tech product, Flight Deck, which we can’t wait to bring to the light as this has effectively been helping companies create visibility and linking, showing the direct correlations between social searches or other news mentions, and how that impacts stock prices, crypto tokens and more. This is very much here to support investor efforts.

Closing out the year, we’ve had a lot of momentum where we are looking to invest in other entrepreneurs and businesses, so that pursuit continues with more news coming very soon.