A Chat with Pam Erlichman, CMO at Zero-Party Data Platform: Jebbit

Jebbit is the provider of the world’s first zero-party data platform. The Jebbit platform enables anyone to quickly build beautiful interactive experiences that capture zero party data.

From simple lead forms or surveys to more robust experiences like product matches and personality quizzes, the Jebbit platform drives high engagement by providing consumers with immediate value in exchange for relevant information about their motivations, interests, and preferences. Jebbit’s clients, including Shiseido Group, ASICS, Live Nation, The Clorox Company, the National Basketball Association (NBA) and Bliss use the company’s platform to better understand their consumers and drive revenue.

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How did you decide to join the Jebbit team?

I spent many years of my career on the third party data side of the industry but understood data regulation was looming and quite frankly didn’t feel great about the “creepy factor” third party often had on consumers. At that time, I believed the industry needed to shift to first party solutions.

As luck would have it, Jebbit’s former President and co-founder, Jonathan Lacoste reached out to me on LinkedIn to introduce himself and ask me if I would have a cup of coffee with him. Now most solicitations on LinkedIn don’t wind up leading to a “yes” to a cup of coffee but that coffee turned into hours of discussion and my realization that Jebbit was solving the problem that marketers didn’t know they need solved yet.

A short time later I said “yes” to becoming their CMO.

What do you think makes this company unique?

Long before GDPR, Google and Apple’s privacy changes and regulations like the UK’s new legislation banning the promotion of high fat sugar or salt (HFSS) foods, Jebbit foresaw the current data-privacy problems and pioneered the world’s first zero-party declared data platform to solve them.

Jebbit’s technology is uniquely centered on a vision to create a better brand experience for both brands and consumers by bringing trust, transparency and mutual value to the data ecosystem — because “it’s the right thing to do.” With consumers caring more than ever about the data they share — according to data from Salesforce, 89% of consumers are more loyal to companies they trust, while 65% have stopped buying from companies that did something they consider distrustful — it’s imperative that brands build trust by demonstrating they are using the information in a way that delivers value back to the customer.

Jebbit believes the marketing and advertising strategies that will succeed are those that sit at the intersection of delivering mutual value for brands and their consumers while making the digital and ecommerce experience fun, convenient and helpful. The company continues to develop an ever-evolving suite of products, integrations, and partnerships that enable brands to more effectively reach consumers and stand out.

For consumers, quizzes offer an entertaining way to learn and cut through the guesswork to quickly find the best products tailored to their unique needs. They receive immediate value, and businesses get more than an email address – they also get first-party data and valuable psychographic insights about consumers’ motivations, interests, and preferences.

How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

In this changing advertising landscape, Jebbit has proven to be an essential tool for brands to survive the death of the cookie, build first-party data assets and navigate the post-pandemic retail world where consumers demand entertaining and valuable bespoke experiences.

Investors have agreed with Jebbit’s vision. In January 2022, Jebbit raised $70 million in new funding led by Vista Equity Partners. The growth capital will help the company scale across all departments to further accelerate its mission to help brands deliver personalized digital experiences that collect data that is willingly and intentionally shared by a consumer. To date, the company has raised $92.3 million in funding.

What can we hope to see from Jebbit in the future?

We will continue to innovate around the types of experiences that consumers love, the path to e-commerce purchase and the tools brands will need in the cookieless future. We will also continue to build out our partnerships and integrations to make it easy for brands to push the data they capture via Jebbit to anywhere in their tech stack that they choose to activate in.



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