A Chat with Paul Flanagan, Ireland MD at Leading Air Filtration Company: Camfil

It all started with a mission to protect people from poor quality air, and the rigorous requirements in the Nuclear industry in Sweden. Since 1963, Camfil has grown from strength to strength and now provides clean air for thousands of different applications across the globe.

Headquartered in Stockholm Sweden, and with almost 5,000 employees working in the various manufacturing plants and offices located on all five continents, Camfil is the first choice when it comes to air filtration solutions. Our many R&D sites and sales offices are filled with people ready to assist with technical queries and to provide sound advice on suitable products that will improve air quality no matter what the requirement or sector.
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What do you think makes this company unique?

What makes us unique is our very broad range of products and services that can be used from pharmaceutical manufacturing suites to milk drying in the dairy industry, or from public buildings to operating theatres. Our diverse approach to all aspects of our business has impressed upon people that we are willing to go the extra mile to ensure the customer gets a solution that is worthy of our good name, no matter what the requirement.

We aim to deliver the demands of our clients’ specific needs and are pleased to confirm that we are number one in our industry. We are the go-to company for improving indoor air quality for people-occupied spaces or processes that require a high level of filtration to meet specific industry criteria and compliance.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

Like many other companies over the last two to three years, Camfil has evolved to become an even more trusted name. We have worked with many other industry leaders to demonstrate why

improving indoor air quality will reduce the risk of airborne virus transmission. We remain at the forefront of many projects and the development of new and existing products to make the world a safer place. We have broadened our range of services which gives our customers the opportunity to ensure their critical installations are carried out in a professional way. We have increased the levels of training we offer to ensure all stakeholders are always up to date with industry standards and good practices.

We have invested further in teaching our own staff more about the importance of product selection and recommendations, and to ensure that we are equipped with the right tools and expertise to provide a solution that is worthy of our good name. We are now working more than ever with experts in all market segments as partners in a consultative way to create, develop and improve our overall service and product offering.

What can we hope to see from Camfil in the future?

As Camfil continues to grow and develop, we aim to provide better services and products to anyone who needs them. Recent experiences tell us that people want to get as much information as they can before engaging directly with a supplier. In line with this, we will launch changes to our web platforms which will enable a much-improved experience for a customer who has a concern in a specific industry that requires a specific solution.

We will launch products that will continue to deliver better performance but will also have an even lesser impact on the environment than before. We will offer customers an improved experience by educating them on their entire life cycle cost journey. We will continue to have a sustainable approach to everything we do. Most of all we will build and sustain a future that envisions clean air as a human right.