A Chat with Paul Rogash, CEO at Sports, eSports & Crypto Betting Platform: BetU

BetU is targeting a market share of the $391 billion that is wagered on sport and $23.5 billion wagered on esport each year. 

The BetU ecosystem is comprised of two platforms:

BetU: a sports, esports, and crypto betting platform, that is secured by smart contracts and exclusively powered by the BETU token. BetU will offer both traditional bookmaker services as well as peer-to-peer betting. With 25% of all bookmaker margins being burnt and 25% of winning fees going to the BetU charity to help people impacted by gambling addiction. 

BetU Fantasy: a free-to-play game, where people can win up to $10,000 of real crypto prizes for making fantasy bets on sport and esport events. No risk, only real rewards.
Betu Logo

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

It makes sense for people who are betting against each other across borders to have a single betting currency without Foreign Exchange conversions, from that logic the BetU idea was born. 

The BetU Fantasy idea came from trying to give back to people with crypto rewards, and also entertain those who would like to enjoy the fun of sports betting without any risk of losing.

How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

The company was only founded during the pandemic. The gambling market continued double-digit growth during the pandemic.

What can we hope to see from BetU in the future?

In October BetU Fantasy will be released, and then the BetU Platform will follow shortly after.

As we are a token-driven company that is not purely profit-driven, we plan to change the betting industry to provide bettors with more tools to make better choices which we believe will change the standards in the gambling industry.