A Chat with Peter Cannone, CEO at Global Buyer Intelligence Platform: Demand Science

Peter Cannone

We are a hugely ambitious organisation that helps marketing and sales teams connect with their target audiences and generate real ROI. The company was founded in 2007 and has since experienced tremendous growth as a truly global company. In the last year Demand Science has acquired six companies, including Leadiro and Internal Results in the UK and Ireland, and Airborne based in Canada.

The core of what Demand Science offers is a platform that enables sales and marketing teams to connect with their target audiences through the use of high-quality, clean data and predictive intent signals. For example, through AI analysis, our platform is able to show sales teams whether a potential customer is likely shopping for a solution, and then provide them with the necessary contact information to follow up with the potential lead, wherever they are.

This data is also easily integrated into CRM systems, allowing teams to share information and ensure that the prospective client is managed all the way through the customer journey. It is also vital that teams are able to adapt to the new way of working, with potential contacts no longer based in offices. By providing high-quality data, which includes information such as contacts, social information such as LinkedIn accounts, and mobile information, they can overcome this obstacle.
B2B Demand Generation Marketing & Analytics Solutions - Demandscience

How did you come up with the solutions Demand Science is offering?

While we have been seeing strong growth in lead generation overall, we could see that there was a gap in the market for a one-stop shop for B2B marketing and sales intelligence. For example, the buyer intent information we can provide to companies barely existed a decade ago. Likewise, many sales teams had not changed how they operated for several decades – often still relying on going to physical events to make connections, or cold calling offices in the hope of generating a lead. This is why Demand Science is so important, as it helps companies to truly make the most of the data available to drive revenue generation.

Today, there are very few other solutions, if any, beyond what Demand Science offers that are focused on both sales and marketing professionals in a single platform and robust set of go-to-market solutions.

As other areas of many businesses have already experienced digital transformation, it’s become even more vital that sales and marketing teams have the tools needed to thrive in today’s new digital economy. By bringing these processes into the 21st century and providing one tool for use across these two key parts of the business, we provide greater visibility to teams and help companies to accelerate their growth.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

The last year has been the busiest ever for Demand Science, in part due to our six acquisitions around the globe. These had to be done fully remotely, including getting to know the management teams of the companies we acquired. There was also the challenge of integrating these companies with Demand Science, and making them feel part of the wider culture and vision.

This demand and pace has meant the leadership team needed to step up to meet the challenge. Ensuring that there was more communication with the rest of the company around strategy and values, remaining transparent and trusting in our teams to execute their roles well.

The result of this work has meant we were able to grow by 100% year over year, and we are currently on track to exceed $100M in 2021.

What can we hope to see from Demand Science in the future?

We always want to continue to grow and innovate in our market, to provide the robust solutions that sales and marketing professionals are seeking. On top of this, while we already have a strong presence in EMEA, we want to expand our geographic strength to ensure we are can meet the needs of our clients, no matter where they are located in the world.

What this means in practice is ensuring that when a client uses our platform, they are able to find whatever information they need to drive their sales and marketing pipeline, and integrate it into any part of the customer journey. Ensuring our product provides a truly innovative experience, and makes the most of the latest technology to provide high-quality insights into data, will always be at the heart of our objectives.