A Chat with Peter Chalmers, Author at Energy Savings Solutions Company: Greener Energy Group

Peter Chalmers

Greener Energy Group is a company with a wealth of in-house experience, dedicated to providing energy-efficient solutions to customers, in order to help people save money on their energy bills and make their home more comfortable. Our renewable products allow homeowners to lower their carbon footprint at the same time, and we are passionate about contributing to the UKs mission to go net-zero carbon by 2050 by installing green heating systems to thousands of homes in Scotland.
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How did you come up with the idea for the company?

I worked in the home renewable and heating industry for five years focusing within sales department as an energy advisor. Having faced energy poverty as a child living on a small island, I was passionate about making clients aware of the options available in order to ensure their home is energy efficient, and as a result more comfortable and less costly to run.

During my time on the sales side, I also gained an understanding of the installation process, the paperwork that was necessary and began to learn of new products that the company I worked for at the time did not offer. From here I believed things could be done better and I decided to start a new chapter and a new business with a team that carried the customer from start to finish of the process.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

The pandemic has been difficult in terms of financial growth and restrictions affecting the way we operate; however, every cloud has a silver lining. The time where the business was closed gave us time to reflect and put focus into other aspects of the business that can be easily pushed aside due to day-day responsibilities in running the business.

We used the time to think about ways other than installing our energy-efficient products that we can make a bigger impact on the environment and give our clients a real feel-good feeling when choosing us as the company to install their new system. We began a partnership with Trees 4 Life, an organisation that plants trees on behalf of environmentally focused businesses.

We now offer our customers a tree planted in their name after receiving an energy assessment and quotation with us. This alongside new marketing and branding ideas has allowed us to increase our customer base and diversity, to become a more effective business. Since returning to work full time after lockdown, we have seen an increase in new leads, from people keen to make home improvements and do their bit for the environment after having time to think about what more they can do. From here the business has evolved and we have seen growth in many different departments, resulting in a need for more staff – something we are proud of after the increase in unemployment due to the pandemic.

What can we hope to see from Greener Energy Group in the future?

We have analysed how we can improve the business and are always coming up with new ideas and looking into new energy technologies we can offer. We have now established a clear growth plan that will allow Greener Energy Group to become the household name in Scotland for home renewables and energy-efficient heating needs.

The renewable industry is only growing, and we can see our products quickly becoming more mainstream and we want to be top of mind for customers considering getting involved in home renewables. We hope we can continue educating on the benefits of our energy-efficient systems, so that customers can save money, energy, and our planet.