A Chat with Philip Young, CTO at Arissian – Creator of Digital Identity Platform: Luciditi

Luciditi is a new Digital Identity Platform that can be used by any company to verify a customer’s identity as well as protecting their data in an external military-grade encrypted space away from a company’s website or internal database lowering the risk of a potential data breach.

It offers:

● Providing a frictionless experience for remote identity verification

● Data sharing in a secure, traceable way outside of email or messaging apps

● Providing a mechanism for data owners to give their one-tap consent in real-time

Nobody else, not even Luciditi can read your stored data. Even if your data could be accessed by a hacker, they would need to break the encryption of every piece of data one by one. We use encryption that would, in practical terms, take more than a lifetime to break.


How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Luciditi came about as an accidental pivot from a patient consent application called “Health.ly” – a prototype for use in consultant-led outpatient clinics in UK hospitals.

We needed to design a mechanism for two-way trust and hold data in a non-targetable form.

We recognised that this approach had wider application outside of healthcare and so using our clinical data experience, we started designing a re-usable Digital Identity Platform.

The use of Digital Identities is not yet common amongst businesses. We aim to make access to this kind of technology more equitable.

Luciditi’s real-time, app-based nature makes it convenient to use but more importantly, it is different to other companies in this space. It adds a level of confidence that didn’t previously exist.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

It has taken three and half years to get to the launch stage of Luciditi, in which the product went live last month.

As a software development company, we have been fortunate to possess the requisite skills to architect and build the technology to create Luciditi in-house.

We have entirely self-funded what would have likely cost anyone else millions of pounds to research, develop and bring to market.

What can we hope to see from Luciditi in the future?

Ultimately our goal is to give everyone the ability to protect their own data, reduce fraud and remove anonymity from places where it causes harm.

Sectors that will require Remote Verification, Onboarding or Digital Identity technologies are our target clients. Not only do we provide the technology, we offer a solution to the increased risk of the PIID (personally identifiable identity data) storage.

Right now our initial focus is on the gambling sector and to become the de facto choice in this market. We then want to offer our services to other industries that rely heavily on customer data compliance without re-inventing the wheel.