A Chat with Pol Rosset Morera, Co-Founder and CEO at Art Streaming App: WindowSight

Pol Rosset Morera

WindowSight is an art streaming app which brings top visual art and award-winning photography to your TV or mobile phone. Our mission is to revolutionize the art industry by providing an accessible, digital and HQ art experience for everyone, bringing high-quality digital artworks to homes worldwide.

The user signs up and subscribes to one of our membership plans. They download the app for both the mobile and the TV. Once they are synced, the user can stream whatever artworks they want to their TV and phone. Through the mobile app, they can save their favorites, set up a display queue, create their own playlists and follow artists and other users.

The WindowSight artist community currently includes over 150 top world-renowned artists and photographers, with over 10,000 pieces to display. Our curators are continually recruiting new talent and we also have an application process for artists on our website.

We offer curated contemporary visual art: Paintings, illustrations, video art, digital art, award-winning photography, etc. Our curators review every artwork submitted by the artists before publishing it onto the platform. Users have an organized and complete exploration of all content through artist profiles, general compilations, collections, playlists, etc.

The days of the big black empty TV screen are over, people can now enhance their homes on a budget with great art while supporting the artists whose work they enjoy. Our subscription model integrates a revenue system whereby 50% of the fees go directly to the artists that the user streams, meaning that they are directly supporting the artists they enjoy.
WindowSight | A New Way to Explore Art from Home

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

We had the idea about 8 years ago of transforming a TV into a window where you could see anything from anywhere. You could watch a sunset from anywhere in the world, a painting, a photograph, anything. The idea was to use the TV for something different.

We saw that the technology had come far enough to give the same level of accessibility to Visual Art as it has to Music, Books, Films through platforms such as Spotify, Netflix, YouTube, etc.

Society is moving towards platforms where they can have access to “everything” without having to own it. This is why 4 years ago we took that idea and started building the WindowSight platform.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

We started building the platform after the first prototype 1 year before the pandemic. So when the pandemic struck we were just in the middle of building the company.
It has been difficult for us to manage the launch of the company in the middle of this terrible situation, but in some way we believe the pandemic has shown us the importance of being able to bring art into your home.

During the pandemic, everyone got groceries and meals delivered at home, numerous Amazon packages, watched any movie or TV series by subscribing to numerous different platforms and listening to any song.

However, no one had the chance to enjoy art apart from the same artworks that they’ve had on their wall for years or minimal access digitally to art galleries and museums.

What can we hope to see from WindowSight in the future?

We strongly believe that it can revolutionize the way we enjoy and consume art. We don’t want to be a substitute for buying artworks or prints, going to exhibitions, galleries or museums, we just want to offer another option for artists to get recognition, visibility and income, and for everyone to be able to have access to art easily and democratically. You don’t have to be rich to enjoy great art as you can now display it in your home.

In the same way you can go to a concert, buy a vinyl or listen to any song from your favourite group on Spotify; we want to offer the same opportunity in the visual art world.