A Chat with Ruby Kam, CFO at Interactive Video Company: Kiswe

Kiswe is the interactive video company that links content owners directly with their global audiences. With its world-class Cloud Video Engine, Kiswe has delivered the world’s largest digital pay-per-view events and serves the largest sports, media, and entertainment companies with its production, content distribution, fan engagement, and direct audience data solutions.

Kiswe is leading the two way video revolution, where audiences both consume and contribute to live digital content. Kiswe is headquartered in New Jersey, USA and has offices in New York, Seoul, Hasselt and Paris.
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Why did you decide to join the Kiswe team?

I had spent 18+ years at UnitedHealth Group and had every intention of staying with UHG until my retirement. However, much to my chagrin, a friend connected me with the Chairman and co-founder of Kiswe because Kiswe was looking for a CFO.

After spending time with the Kiswe team, I recognized that there was something special about this company. I had many reasons not to join Kiswe—I needed to learn a new industry, I would be moving from a 330,000 person company to a 65 person startup and my golden handcuffs at UHG would come off. However, the reasons not to join were also compelling reasons to join Kiswe.

I wanted to challenge myself to learn a completely new industry after spending two decades in healthcare, while learning to problem solve with limited resources. In the end, the pros outweighed the cons and I took the leap. Whatever happens, I will be stronger and more agile on the other side and can’t wait to see what the future holds for Kiswe.


What do you think makes this company unique?

Kiswe works with some of the biggest brands in the world and we deliver time and time again. This comes from a culture of excellence and responsibility. We hire people who want to deliver perfection, regardless of the role they play in the company.

When you hire the best team, you can deliver amazing results.

How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

Prior to COVID, Kiswe made its name partnering with sports rights holders, to enable remote commentators to transform live games into multiple viewing experiences via personalized content and local languages.

During the pandemic, Kiswe expanded its offering to include virtual events across music and entertainment, powering the world’s largest online events—from bringing Justin Bieber and BTS concerts to Guinness World Record Breaking audiences online to partnering with the Times Square Alliance for the New Year’s Eve ball drop when in-person crowds were limited.

What can we hope to see from Kiswe in the future?

Kiswe has built a solid foundation, from its tech stack to its people, that can be used to scale quickly. It takes time and discipline to build things right. Kiswe has done that and it has started and will continue to pay dividends.

Kiswe’s vision is to create a new medium and their Video 2.0 technology is driving the next era of media consumption – a truly two way experience in which at-home fans can interact with and contribute to virtual events