A Chat with Rui Sales, Co-Founder and President at Fleet Maintenance Platform: Stratio

Stratio was built to solve the massive problem of vehicle downtime. We are working to make transportation more efficient, more sustainable and accessible to everyone. Our mission is to enable a zero downtime future for all vehicles and allow public transport operators to serve more people, better.

The lack of visibility into key aspects of every fleet business, combined with manual tasks that require human intervention at all steps, limits both the efficiency of public transport operations and the amount of people that can be moved.

The general public don’t realise it because we are used to the way it has always been, but a large part of the transportation industry is still labour intensive, requires manual input every step of the way, and maintains a degree of separation between areas of the business that impedes real visibility and monitoring.

The result is a continuous, tremendous drain on repair and maintenance, fuel / energy costs and productivity losses. This is where we come in – we created Stratio and developed our technology to change the paradigm of how transport companies think about the maintenance of their vehicles, and solve the problems that prevent public transportation from being as efficient and reliable as it can and should be.

With advanced AI and ML algorithms, our platform analyses billions of vehicle sensor datapoints and turns them into predictive intelligence that allows transport operators to know when a component might fail… before it does. This allows to streamline, digitise and automate maintenance operations in a way that wasn’t possible before.

By predicting faults before they occur, Stratio’s predictive fleet maintenance platform eliminates vehicle breakdowns, saves costs, and improves the efficiency of transport operations.

Leading predictive fleet maintenance platform - Stratio

What do you think makes Stratio unique?

Our offering is unique because of the proprietary advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms that underpin the Stratio Platform. We built our proprietary technology because we saw the value of being able to offer clients a product built with our own tools, which gives us a lot of freedom and room to advance the state of the art. This also means that we are able to offer an end-to-end service to our customers, who benefit from a complete, stable and reliable system that is designed to integrate into their own existing processes and tools.

The volume of vehicle sensor data we collect is unparalleled – 2.5 billion data points are processed by our algorithms every day – and that’s the key to the accuracy of our predictive intelligence. Our AI and ML technology can analyse all that data to identify patterns that might indicate a fault. Machines offer more consistent and reliable solutions to problems that require a data-backed response.

Manually analysing the data our platform collects and processes in a single day would require an unimaginable amount of time and resources, and wouldn’t allow for faults to be predicted in advance, with such accuracy. It might be a strong statement to say that we can see the future, but this is essentially what Stratio’s technology is built to do: anticipate failures before they occur and save millions of passengers and operators from the hassle of vehicle breakdowns.

Another key differentiating point of our technology is that it is completely agnostic. It can be used across all types of fleets, and the volume of data we collect allows our platform to provide actionable insights into a very comprehensive range of vehicle parameters, regardless of model, brand and even type, as we offer solutions for all ultra-low and zero-emission vehicles, in addition to internal combustion ones.

Our teams’ expertise and our product development efforts are fully concentrated on the industries we serve. With this strategy, we can relate to our customers’ pains and tackle their specific needs with a product that solves them.

How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

When we first started Stratio, predictive maintenance was uncharted territory in the automotive industry, so a lot of our initial efforts were focussed on R&D and on understanding our customers’ pains in order to build the best product to solve them. We have maintained the same philosophy: growth driven by offering the best product to the market is the safest and most scalable strategy.

During the pandemic, our market was highly affected. Fortunately, we benefitted from the way we run the company, with a focus on being financially sustainable and where venture capital serves only to maximise our potential without ever putting a single job at risk. This was really important to us because we truly see our people as the most valuable asset we have.

Our great team continued to support our customers throughout the national lockdowns, helping them to automate tasks and enabling processes and operations to run remotely, improving workers’ safety. Despite the challenges, we managed to maintain a rapid pace of growth, which led to a $12m Series A investment round in November 2021.

We are using this capital to accelerate our growth across the board. We achieved our current stage through Product-Led growth and we started months ago investing in Sales and Marketing to accelerate our growth but we continue to prioritise our product development, which includes a very strong R&D component and a continued focus on areas such as Software and Data Science, among others. We firmly believe that the quality of our product is the key to our success, and we want to continue this commitment, in order to ensure an offer and a service of excellence to our customers.

This year, we also had the pleasure to announce new agreements with some of the world’s largest and most respected public transport operators, such as Keolis Group and GoAhead. These deals go to show how the public transport industry is moving towards innovation, automation, and optimisation of maintenance operations. We are pleased to be enablers of the digital transformation of maintenance, and to be helping our clients to guarantee a public transport service that is safe, reliable, and future-proof.

What can we hope to see from Stratio in the future?

To achieve our goal of enabling a more efficient, greener and more affordable public transportation services that benefit society as a whole, we need to reach every commercial vehicle on the road today. The more failures we predict, the more value we can offer our customers, which is our goal. We envision a future where the only thing that matters is effectively getting people from A to B using the best vehicle, the best model, and the best component for their specific route.

There will be much more uniformity in the way mobility works, and Stratio is uniquely positioned to be at the core of such a shift because of our data and our AI algorithms, which enable efficiency, cost reduction, and performance optimisation regardless of vehicle type and operating conditions.

Our offering for zero-emission vehicles is a particular area of focus for us at the moment. Electric vehicles, for example, are more expensive than traditional internal combustion engine ones. This requires public transport operators to have a strategy to reduce the total cost of ownership of electric buses and extend the life of the batteries.

We provide the knowledge necessary for fleet managers to do just that. Our platform provides accurate predictions of the range of electric vehicles and information that enables transport operators to increase vehicle availability and optimise charging sessions. Without this kind of information, it would be impossible for transport companies to make a return on investment by switching to zero-emission buses. Transforming EV transition into something that is not only commercially viable, but also profitable, is going to be crucial to incentivise this change in the public transport industry.

We believe that a better public transport service is at the heart of a more environmentally safe and more equitable society, and our technology is accelerating the change to a sustainable future.


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