A Chat with Sachin Deshpande, Founder and CTO at Cloud Services Provider: Tech Amigos

Sachin Deshpande, Founder and CTO at Tech Amigos.

Tech Amigos is a young, dynamic technology startup, focused on delivering high-quality cloud services to scaleups and medium-sized enterprises. Whether organisations are looking to scale their digital product or are about to embark on a strategic digital transformation initiative, the amigos are here to help at every stage of the cloud-adoption journey. From putting together a cohesive cloud strategy, to designing and implementing a well-architected, automated infrastructure setup, to building code deployment pipelines. Essentially, we aim to accelerate your product development – without compromising quality.

Tech Amigos was born in 2018 with the synergy of three amigos, bringing together years of diverse and extensive experience from across the technology industry. Our team collaborates with clients to fully visualize cloud transformation projects and deliver scalable technology stacks in the cloud. Tech Amigos also collaborates with client development teams, finding new ways to best leverage tooling for continuous integration and automating software delivery.
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How did you come up with the idea for the company? 

Having worked on dozens of agile cloud projects in the past, we spotted a common set of challenges and it was frustrating to see that everyone was trying to solve them with different solutions. This was mainly due to the plethora of technology and tooling choices available in the cloud space. Alongside this, a significant amount of project time was being spent in endless philosophical discussions about the right tooling choice, the right cloud-tech option, and the hottest buzzword or trend. Put simply, the core focus of delivering business value was being lost in-between this industry agenda.

Here at Tech Amigos, we wanted to do something about this shortfall and challenge the status quo. By imagining a standardized, efficient, and superior-led process, we aim to cut through the buzzwords, and truly focus on automating cloud adoption and product development for our customers. Additionally, the cherry on the cake is to offer this streamlined process at a competitive price point, which was the genesis of our outcome-based pricing model. Working hard over the last two years, we have transformed our idea into a tangible outcome for clients and help them to better manage their risk.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic? 

Among the many negative aspects of the Covid-19 pandemic, the fact is that good and bad news often seem to arrive simultaneously. For us, this crisis forced many business leaders to consider cloud adoption as part of their strategic plan, by necessity rather than by choice. The general business slowdown also meant a significant number of enterprises had limited budgets for such cloud adoption projects. Tech Amigos’ product offerings were an exact match to solve this challenge.

We not only experienced an increased desire to do more on the cloud with our existing customer base, but also secured two new clients who we are helping to achieve their digital transformation goals. This has resulted in an exponential year-on-year revenue increase. Tech Amigos was able to attract better talent, work both flexibly and remotely, and doubled in size during the pandemic. The team also invested more time in TA-Labs, which is an internal initiative to create and enhance our capabilities, and deliver a richer model for process and pipelines.

What can we hope to see from Tech Amigos in the future? 

With our existing client base, coupled with the growing number of new enquiries coming in, we feel that we are well on our way to achieving our planned growth trajectory. The team are also excited about the prospect of productionising some of the lab work we have been actioning over the past few months, as well as releasing re-usable patterns which will help us to deliver on our promise of delivering high-quality outcomes at a competitive price point. Stay tuned, Tech Amigos has a range of exciting solutions in the pipeline!