A Chat with Sam Caulton, CFO at Cloud Based Property Management Platform: Re-Leased

Sam Caulton, CFO at Re-Leased

Re-Leased is a cloud-based commercial property management platform. Our mission is to be a catalyst for change in the commercial property industry by giving property managers and landlords a better way to grow their businesses.

Re-Leased provides our customers with live, 360 oversight of their commercial real estate portfolio. The software focuses on usability and automation, making property management simple and seamless for all parties.

The company was founded in New Zealand back in 2013, and we entered the UK market in 2016. We are also active in Australia, and most recently launched in New York in 2019.
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What is the idea behind the company?

Re-Leased was founded by commercial real estate professionals who experienced the challenges facing landlords and property managers first-hand.

Working for a property development and investment company in New Zealand, our founder, Tom Wallace, grew frustrated with how disconnected and slow commercial real estate was, and how much time he spent sending emails, creating reports in spreadsheets, and chasing invoices and arrears.

To reduce risk and keep on top of portfolio performance, Tom knew he needed a modern solution tailored specifically to the needs of commercial property. No products like this existed. Inspired by the opportunity to change the way commercial real estate businesses operate, Re-Leased was born. We have been working to reimagine the future of commercial real estate ever since.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

Covid has really underlined the importance of adopting technology for the commercial property industry.

In a time of massive uncertainty, when many landlords have faced rent shortfalls as their tenants struggled to keep afloat, Re-Leased has provided valuable oversight and real-time analytics to help our customers navigate rapid change.

Our data has also proved a hugely valuable resource for the wider commercial real estate industry throughout the pandemic. We manage 36,000 commercial leases in the UK, giving us access to a pool of big data which allows us to track market performance indicators such as levels of rent collection, giving real-time insight into the state of the market in the face of the pandemic.

What can we hope to see from Re-Leased in the future?

Re-Leased’s objective is to be the best property management software on the market, and to grow the business to over 5,000 customers globally in the next 5 years.

Re-Leased will continue to innovate and do things differently, and this will bring our customers more sophisticated and technologically advanced products that will give them complete and live oversight of their portfolio.

We are also focussing more and more on data intelligence: we have access to millions of data points that are of huge value to the industry, so the next step in our journey is harnessing that data and presenting it back to our customers in a way that helps them run their business more efficiently or allows them to create more opportunity for themselves.