A Chat with Sam Hussain, Founder & CEO at Digital Care Management Platform: Log My Care

Log my Care is a digital care management platform that I founded in 2017 after seeing first-hand the pressure the UK care sector was facing. When we launched, my mission was (and still is) to make people-centred technology available to everyone in social care.

It’s a sector that is still largely paper-based and siloed, which is time-consuming, doesn’t give care providers the oversight they need and leads to errors. We launched as a free product, and our Core Module continues to be free and always will be, making us the only free care management platform on the market.
Care management software made simple | Log my Care

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

I was working for a company in Singapore that wanted to launch nursing home software in the UK. It was my first experience working with social care technology and I quickly realised there was a vast need for the technology.

There was a huge gap for care software that was as user-friendly and well-designed as the products we use in our everyday lives. There are lots of small care providers in the UK that can’t afford expensive software or time for lengthy onboarding processes. I wanted to create something easy to use that people would start getting value from on day one. None of the other care management providers on the market were doing that.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

Care services and the people they provide for were under enormous pressure during the pandemic, so we did what we could to help. We created resources that demystified the messaging from the government and distributed them across the care sector.

We developed our platform to include COVID monitoring from coughs to PCR test results. When restrictions prevented people from seeing their loved ones in care, we launched our Family Module. This became an easy way for care providers to keep families up-to-date with their relative’s care, wellbeing and health.

As a company, we’ve experienced amazing growth over the pandemic and our customer base has increased fivefold.

What can we hope to see from Log my Care in the future?

In the near term , we’re focusing on launching a rostering tool that uses AI and machine learning to replicate and optimise shifts in care services. The solutions currently available don’t meet the complex needs of providers and we’re well-positioned to build one that fits into our existing product.

We also want to ensure we’re further integrated with organisations like the NHS. This will give care managers access to their clients’ summary care records and help deliver better continuity of care.

Our overarching mission is to make care preventive instead of reactive. With the health data we’ve accumulated, we have an almost unprecedented level of insight into the care provided and its outcomes. With access to their service users’ data, care providers can understand the risk profile of the people they care for and predict how likely someone is to go to hospital.

At the moment, we’re pretty UK focused but already have some international customers. Our goal is to become globally recognised as the world’s best care management system.