A Chat with Sampo Parkkinen, CEO & Co-Founder at AI Skincare Brand: Revieve

Revieve is the market leader in enabling skin, health, beauty, and wellness brands and retailers to build a personalised relationship with their consumer audience by leveraging personalisation, AI & AR. Our platform helps brands personalise the entire consumer journey, from the initial interaction between the brand and the consumer to that consumer becoming a loyal advocate for the brand.

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Revieve started from a personal problem I was trying to solve. I moved cities (and countries), and without doing anything different, my skin went really bad. So looking for months for solutions and eventually consulting with a dermatologist, I started wondering why there weren’t brands and retailers offering me a personalised way to discover what is going on with my own skin needs, how I should address them, and help me not just purchase the right products, but educate me on how to apply them and help me on my journey towards better skin long-term.

We started with skincare, recognising that the science-based approach to solving the skincare needs of consumers was a more dire concern for consumers than other categories in the beauty space. As technologists, it also presented significant technological challenges we needed to overcome.

Because we believe that access to this type of technology should be democratised for the consumer’s benefit, irrespective of where and how they shop, we opted to work with brands and retailers instead of directly serving the consumer ourselves.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

The last couple of years has been a period of remarkable growth for Revieve. Since COVID, consumer adoption of our solutions on brand and retailer channels has increased five-fold. In addition, consumer expectations from the category have changed. Consumers have become much more cognisant of considering skin, health, beauty, and wellness as interlinked in their minds, which has also prompted us to expand beyond our foundations in skincare into other verticals in the space, including makeup, haircare, and nutrition with more to come.

We’ve also seen brand and retailer adoption of solutions that help personalise the entire consumer-journey increase significantly. Retailers and brands recognise that to win over consumers’ hearts and minds (and ultimately wallets), they need to cater to the consumer as an individual and become someone who helps the consumer to buy rather than attempting to sell to the consumer.

Many retailers and brands recognise that solutions like ours are a strategic asset and priority central to how they serve the consumer.

What can we hope to see from Revieve in the future?

We are today the only company serving the needs of the skin, health, beauty & wellness brands and retailers exclusively and will remain highly focused on that mission. Currently (and in the future), we are still heavily investing in R&D to deepen the scope of solutions and different technologies we deliver to provide even more value to the brands and retailers we work with across the entire consumer journey.

In addition, we will expand into new categories within skin, health, beauty, and wellness to be a holistic technology.