A Chat with Sarah Worthington, Head of Growth EMEA at All-In-One Video Tool: PreviewMe

Sarah Worthington

PreviewMe is a tech startup founded in New Zealand. It is a video led platform that enables users to create and share video in a professional setting, servicing both B2B and B2C markets. We are in the business of connecting people, and businesses, personally.

This is reflected in all aspects of our platform, our values, customer relationships & company culture. We help businesses all over the world supercharge their communication and amplify their recruitment processes with customisable video templates. PreviewMe makes video simple, accessible and easy to use.


How did the idea of the company come up?

PreviewMe was born from a first-hand experience with a CV and Cover Letter simply not being enough to secure a job in today’s working environment.

Securing a role relies on so much more than what you list on paper. A video resume enables job seekers to put their best foot forward and introduce themselves at the beginning of the recruitment process, heroing their soft skills and a way to showcase their attitude and aptitude, ultimately demonstrating their fit earlier in the process.


What do you think makes this company unique?

We are a unique and united team and our company and culture is built on a foundation of resilience, innovation and entrepreneurship plus true hustle! We choose to work surrounded by like-minded teams at a co-working space WeWork. Here we are a part of the community where we network, learn and gain support from others around us.

PreviewMe is a one stop shop for video. We streamline day to day business with a video tool that can be used by every team within a business. From Recruitment to Sales, Training to HR, Onboarding to Outbounding! Creating content on PreviewMe is like creating a micro landing page for your audience, no matter who they are. Previews humanise all the touch points within your business.

We are unique to clients because we have modelled our whole business on flexibility to reflect our values and care. There are no lock-in contracts and month-to-month subscriptions for businesses of all shapes and sizes. We are building relationships with our clients, not one-off transactions which are no fun for anyone.

How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

Using down under as our sand pit and product testing ground we were able to execute CEO Johnny Farquhar’s vision, try, test, fail, learn, and rebuild stronger than ever. The original product foundation was focused on candidates (B2C) and as we evolved we explored a go-to-market B2B strategy for the UK. Guided by external advisors we embarked on a successful launch in April 2021 in London.

We conducted live market research and by reaching out to our target audience we were able to learn from our customers and achieve our ultimate goal of changing the way people apply for jobs. This has shaped our product development, comms & marketing strategy and the team structure it is today.

What can we hope to see from PreviewMe in the future?

We believe in keeping our finger on the pulse with the current market, real insights from real people and continuously learning from our customers.

This means we will forever evolve; we listen, we tweak and we improve. We have shown an incredible level of resilience through covid which has been reflected in our adapted product offering which we believe future proofs us with any curve balls the world throws at us.

We have been in the UK for over 18months and our clients range from university students and solo professionals through to enterprise businesses that operate on a global scale. It’s an excitingly diverse range of clients and consumers that puts us in a prime position to expand quickly into more markets. We hope to see our team grow and execute our goal of making “send me a Preview” – the norm.