A Chat with Saroosh Gull, CEO at Online Event Management Solution: Eventcombo

Eventcombo hit the market with its full product in 2017, offering a unique and differentiated strategy by bundling Parking (ParkWhiz), Uber, Lyft into a single ticket transaction. Today, this allows us to host a robust and comprehensive event management tool that brings together cutting-edge event technology to get the most out of in-person and hybrid events. Eventcombo runs based on an unlimited model, offering unlimited attendees, hosts, features, integrations, as well as support, and training.

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

I realized there were at least four separate transactions involved in attending an event. Transportation/Parking, Lodging, Dining and Tickets. The idea was born from a personal event experience. I just identified the problem, the solution was further defined by my brilliant founding team.


How did Eventcombo predict the return of in-person during the virtual frenzy?

We strongly believe in the demand and rationale for virtual events. It is leading the charge for the disruption in learning, working and how we all connect with each other. It is why we built Fireworks™.

Having built a full fledged virtual streaming capability that rivals Zoom, we always knew that in-person would return as the human connection is so vital in so many scenarios. Fortunately, we always had an in-person capability so for us, it was a waiting game. While we waited, we developed Fireworks™ and now that in-person has returned, we are enjoying the fruits of our labor by being a truly hybrid platform with over 150 features for end-to-end event management.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

We were primarily involved in the Eventbrite world, where it was a B2B2C model. During Covid, we saw unprecedented demand come from businesses and enterprise, which helped us define the problem statement to pursue full SaaS. For us, Covid was a realisation resulting from lots of pain in the industry. We are glad we were able to connect with partners early on and develop a solution. If not for the pandemic, we would not have been leading the charge from an emerging technology standpoint. Along with the industry, we too reinvented ourselves.

What can we hope to see from Eventcombo in the future?

After servicing clients like Toyota, we’re excited to continue growing in this new paradigm and are actively pursuing expansion into additional markets and hiring more staff. I’d request anyone interested to reach out. We are also running a crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine.