A Chat with Scott Eaton, CEO at Financial Services Company: Nivaura

Nivaura was founded with the aim of transforming the way capital markets operate by digitising and automating the end-to-end debt primary issuance process. Nivaura has taken a leading role in new technology to bring efficiency to the primary markets. Nivaura is in active dialogue with regulators and capital markets participants to solve the complex issues around structuring and managing the seamless flow of transaction data across the primary markets value chain.

Nivaura’s solutions are fully flexible, with configurable implementation options including bespoke, private cloud or on-premise deployment; customizable functionality and white-labelling; and real-time workflows that adapt to external data.

Nivaura is about digitising and automating capital markets: creating and leveraging structured data through digital workflows to  allow legal and economics transaction data to flow seamlessly to market participants and systems.
Nivaura Acts as Partner to LSEG in Development of Its Digital Platform  Flow. | Financial IT

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

After a successful career in academia and capital markets, our founder Dr. Avtar Singh Sehra set up a niche consulting firm specialising in pricing tools and risk systems. He experienced first-hand how inefficient the processes supporting bond issuance were, leading to risk and unnecessary cost. Avtar envisioned an Amazon Web Services (AWS) – “one click” solution for creating, editing and transferring the documentation necessary for bond issuance. Repeated tasks could be automated and the approach copied for other areas of capital markets.

This was the idea that led to the creation of Nivaura: a market-leading company which dramatically reduces the time and cost in capital market transactions by digitising, automating and optimising workflows. We strip out layers of complexity, connecting demand and supply workflows to make capital markets accessible to all. Nivaura is now led by a team of capital markets, legal and technology experts, and is supported by a well-respected board of directors.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

Nivaura already delivers proven technology that drives efficiency, accuracy, and transparency, which is delivering greater automation to our clients. By helping market participants remove redundant and duplicative activity and addressing time and cost pressures, we’re enhancing capital markets.

In 2019, Nivaura closed a $20m strategic investment round, with investors including London Stock Exchange Group, Allen & Overy, Linklaters, Orrick, Santander InnoVentures, Transamerica Ventures, Middlegame Ventures and Digital Currency Group.

Throughout the pandemic, we have been committed to our journey of expansion and further development, working closely with key capital markets participants to further improve our core technology and workflow platform, Aurora, which digitises and automates end-to-end capital market processes such as bond issuance and post-trade data management. This ensures that we can build further modules and capabilities that can form elements of the underlying transaction process, particularly for post-trade services.

What can we hope to see from Nivaura in the future?

Most recently, Nivaura  appointed Scott Eaton as its new Chief Executive Officer who brings three decades of experience in leadership roles in capital markets and fintech.

In 2021, Nivaura delivered the technology underpinning Singapore-based DBS Bank’s groundbreaking bond issuance platform. DBS’ Fixed Income Execution (FIX) Marketplace marks the world’s first fully digital and automated fixed income execution platform, where issuers can directly connect with the bank’s dealer teams and investors. The new DBS platform enables its origination, syndicate, legal, operations and sales desks to easily communicate and share complex transactional information to manage the end-to-end flow of transaction data and documentation.

Nivaura is committed to continuing to work with participants across the  industry to refine its fully flexible technology and Digital Ledger Technology (DLT) framework, which is an easily adaptable whitelabel solution for capital markets participants to configure seamless digital journeys for their clients. We believe this will accelerate interest in the digitalisation, DLT and automation paradigm for capital markets, and Nivaura wants to take a leading role in driving key innovations in digitalisation and automation of capital markets in the future.