A Chat with Shuan Maroof, Founder at Luxury Furniture Company: Noho Home

Noho Home is an ecommerce brand. We sell luxury furniture and homeware. Everything we sell has to be beautiful and functional.

The pieces we sell and the entire ethos of our brand is inspired by the elegant simplicity of the Noho neighbourhood in New York City.

We’ve been inspired by the way the properties have been given a new lease of life as elegant homes, after serving their time as functional buildings for manufacturing and storage. There’s something very special about the intersection of rugged utilitarianism – something you’ll see all around you in that neighbourhood – and beauty.

What do you think makes this company unique?

It’s really about what we add and where we come from and who we are as founders. I’m a property entrepreneur. I started out at 13, I learned the trade helping my dad. I bought my first property at 20. Harry went to Oxford and is a fashion entrepreneur. He has an eye for beautiful things. His designs have appeared in Vogue and the Kardashians have worn his clothes.

We’re very different. I’m much more into the nuts and bolts elements of running an online retail business. My focus is on supply chain, logistics, day-to-day operations. Harry is very much more focused on making sure we stay true to our mission of marrying fashion and furniture.

We are quite far from being archetypal founders, whether you’re looking at that through a technology lens or an interiors lens. We don’t want to make our business about our identities, but we are aware that we’re different. When you picture the founders of a luxury interiors brand, you probably don’t picture people who look like me.

We list fewer products than our competitors and we are especially picky about what we include in our range. We attract a very specific type of customer. They tend to be older, more discerning and more relaxed about spending money on their home. When I speak face to face to customers it sometimes feels like we come from different worlds. But we always share a passion for exceptional quality and beauty.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

We’ve grown in terms of scale and we’ve grown up as a business. We’ve had to be adaptable and quite resilient. The past few years have been uniquely challenging as I’m sure they have for lots of businesses. We’re trying to ship sofas to customers around the world in the middle of an unprecedented supply chain crisis. We’ve had to say sorry when things out of our control have gone wrong. We’ve had to be humble and accept that we’ll always be learning.

What can we hope to see from Noho Home in the future?

Noho home plans to collaborate with some of the best interior designers to provide a new service that will help their customers achieve a vision of beauty. They aim to mirror fashion with their future releases, offering cohesive collections in a format that make it simpler for customers to design their spaces.