A Chat with Simon Daniel, Founder at Cleantech Energy Company: Moixa

Simon Daniel

I founded Moixa in 2006 with the aim of innovating energy technology. Moixa has now evolved to become the UK’s leading smart battery and AI software company, with our innovative GridShare™ software providing better value to solar battery owners and electric vehicle charging.

Our aim is to improve the value of energy and allow more renewable energy on the grid – by raising the IQ of batteries – such as charging at suitable times to save money or carbon, and access additional revenue streams by aggregating into grid services. This can ultimately help reduce fossil fuels by ensuring more wind and solar energy is stored and shifted to peak times.
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How did you come up with the idea for the company?

I’d invented a successful folding keyboard for mobile PDA devices, and began patenting with my co-founder Chris Wright a range of advanced mobile devices, like modular smart watches, rollable displays. We made various prototypes before realising that each needed better batteries and compact AC/DC power supplies. This led to forming Moixa to focus on re-inventing batteries and energy supply.

Our first product was a USB rechargeable AA battery – which sold over a million units and won a top iF Gold design award – showing that even batteries could become re-usable and more sustainable.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

The pandemic created challenges for businesses across the board. At Moixa this had an impact on our teams, our sales and installation while also delaying and changing a funding round we had in the pipeline.

However, all of this led to an increased focus on the welfare of our team, giving them the support and tools they need to work from home which, in turn, has also helped us work better with international clients.

What can we hope to see from Moixa in the future?

We’re scaling faster and more internationally than we’ve ever been. Our world is facing enormous challenges geo-politically, with energy transition and climate.

We see an increased need for speed and scale, to electrify the world and homes rapidly – with more renewable energy, batteries and electric vehicles. This needs a massive focus on leveraging our GridShare software to control existing resources more intelligently, and improved electric products for homes. We want to make it much easier for everyone to switch to renewable energy and access low carbon solar energy and thus help accelerate the end of fossil fuels.