A Chat with Slawomir Kroczak, Co-Founder and CEO at AI Online Meeting Platform: SmartyMeet

SmartyMeet an online meeting platform using AI for smooth, enjoyable meetings, boosting productivity and comfort for Sales and IT professionals.

What sets SmartyMeet apart from other solutions is the comprehensive support provided by our virtual assistant, called  Boe, which supports you before, during, and after the virtual meeting. He is your best AI Buddy on the meeting and he is not going to replace you.

  • Before a meeting takes place, Boe helps you to pick a right agenda for a meeting and prepare you for the call by displaying recaps of past conversations and activities. Boe gives you an information about all attendees and the companies they work for, ensuring you’re well-prepared for the meeting.
  • During meetings, Boe provides real-time transcription and translation, allowing you to focus on discussion. You can track time on a timeline, mark important moments, and review them later. If attendees have tricky technical questions, Boe can access the company’s knowledge base to give you answers.
  • Finally, after the meeting, Boe has you covered with well-organised meeting notes that align with the agenda sections. You can easily edit and share these notes with your team via email or transfer them to CRM system. SmartyMeet streamlines the process to ensure everyone stays in the loop.

We use a Pay-As-You-Go business model, so you only pay for actual usage of Boe’s assistance without a monthly subscription. On average, you’ll pay just 1 British pound for a half-hour meeting.



What do you think makes SmartyMeet unique?


We have founded SmartyMeet in response to the growing problem of “zoom fatigue”, which is the exhaustion experienced by employees participating in video calls during the digital workday. With the outbreak of the pandemic, a study by Microsoft found that the average time spent in virtual meetings had increased by 148 %, adding to the stress of employees.

We have realised that a solution was needed to make video meetings more productive and engaging for all participants. With this in mind, we created a platform that utilises artificial intelligence to provide real-time meeting transcripts. This ensures that meeting participants never miss a word, and they can access, annotate, and share the notes for better collaboration and productivity.

What sets us apart from other online meeting tools is our understanding that every meeting is different. We noticed a gap in the market for tools designed specifically for sales or customer service meetings, which have different goals and dynamics than other types of meetings. To address this, we offer dozens of predefined agendas to choose from, as well as the ability to create your own.

The agenda is visible throughout the meeting, helping participants stay on track and making sure that time is not wasted. After the meeting, our notes are more structured and precise because we understand the nuances of different meeting types and can create domain-specific recaps of each section. We are passionate about making a difference and improving the online meeting experience for all.



How has SmartyMeet evolved over the last couple of years?


We are a one-year-old Startup and we have successfully closed a Pre-Seed round, which has allowed us to take the next crucial steps towards growth. Our team has been hard at work over the past few months to prepare a minimum viable product (MVP) that we are proud of. With this new injection of resources and team members, we are confident that we can continue to develop our product and reach new heights.

We are thrilled to have early adopters from both the financial and medical industries, and the fact that we are seeing more and more interest every day is a clear indication that there is a demand for innovative solutions like SmartyMeet.

The Pre-Seed round has provided us with the necessary resources to further support our development process, and we are excited to see where this journey takes us.


What can we hope to see from SmartyMeet in the future?


SmartyMeet has set its sights on acquiring a strong and loyal user base in the UK, with a plan to establish a foothold in the beachhead market. By doing so, the company hopes to accelerate its growth and reach new heights.

Looking forward, SmartyMeet has its sights set on expanding into the US market, and we are confident in our ability to succeed.