A Chat with Sophie Gray, CEO and Founder at Mental Wellness Start-Up: DiveThru

Sophie Gray

DiveThru is a mental wellness startup that works with mental health professionals to create resources that help users “dive thru” what they go through.

We work with mental health professionals and influential individuals to help people take charge of their mental well-being.

From podcasts and articles to online programs and newsletters, our tools support young people and their mental wellness.
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How did you come up with the idea for the company?

I started out as a physical wellness content creator and had amassed an audience of over 500K on her social channels and sold over 250,000 workout programs. Behind the scenes, I was struggling with my mental health.

I was traveling for work and as we were boarding the flight I experienced a panic attack and could not get on the plane…this resulted in a cross-country 38-hour drive. After spending a number of months dedicated to my mental health, I decided to pull back the curtain and began sharing my experience online.

Seeing so many young people relate to my struggle but feeling lost as to where to go for help, made me realize that there wasn’t an accessible resource where young people could discuss their experiences, learn about themselves and seek mental health support at the same time! Seeing that that mental health support came with a high price tag or academic terminology that gets in the way of accessing help gave way to me starting my company DiveThru.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

The company really has come into its own during the pandemic. We’ve grown to a team of 18 employees, and a strong network of licensed therapists. We’ve really created a mental health resource that is truly accessible for young people through our easy-to-read articles and Gen Z friendly therapist-led podcasts and our mission has become even clearer.

What can we hope to see from DiveThru in the future?

We’re on a mission to normalize the conversation around mental health by becoming the go-to mental wellness app and become a reliable resource for young people.