A Chat with Steph Hind, Co-Founder at Employee Benefit Programme: Heka

Heka is a health benefit that saves companies time and money, by inspiring employees to be their best self. Because when employees feel their best, they perform their best.
Rather than offering generic benefits that cater for the minority, with Heka every employee receives personalised recommendations based on their mental, physical and lifestyle needs.

Through Heka’s personalised platform, employees can instantly book over 3,000 experiences, from the best providers including Barry’s Bootcamp, Secret Spas and Anytime Fitness.

Saving companies time and money, because Heka has centralised every benefit onto one, personalised, platform, that inspires employees to be their best self. So they can perform their best!


How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Before we founded Heka, both Alex and I worked for corporate firms and realised very quickly that the benefits available were generic and that the vast majority of people didn’t use them.

The companies we worked for were spending time and money implementing these benefits, which were having little to no effect on supporting their employees in the wider picture.
As a consequence, employees felt unsupported and their needs not met because the support available didn’t speak to them personally. And it certainly didn’t meet the different needs and challenges they were each facing.

Health and wellbeing is such an important part of our lives and people are becoming more aware and conscious of just that, as more programmes, experiences and benefits become available that aren’t just time at the pub. People are looking for more personal and healthy ways to live their lives to the fullest. With work such an integral part to us all, we wanted to create a unique benefits platform that actually helped people, tailors to their individual needs and makes them happy.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

We rebranded from GoSweat to Heka to become a more holistic platform, expanding our offerings from purely physical benefits to a broader selection of lifestyle products and mental health support to provide a more diverse range of experiences for everyone. We have found that providing a more on-demand and unique selection of experiences and products has been more favourably received: private GP appointments, help caring for the elderly, workspace wellbeing assessments is something that people are much more interested in since the pandemic began.

We firmly believe in providing different strategies in how we target companies – the focus has shifted to an employee perspective, making them feel valued, as well as connecting and bringing people together which is very important for us.

What can we hope to see from Heka in the future?

We are continuing to meet the needs of every customer on our platform and adapt our offerings and products as we continually see changes in our lifestyle and day-to-day selves. We are constantly growing our benefits programme while following health and wellbeing trends to ensure Heka is providing the best experience for our users as well as keeping our services exciting, unique and inclusive.