A Chat with Stephen Hodge, CEO at Full-Service White-Label OTT Company: OTTera

OTTera is a professional, full-service white-label OTT, FAST, content distribution and ad-sales/operations service that provides clients with a fully managed suite of OTT applications and FAST channels that reach 100+ million users worldwide.

Our clients’ content runs the gamut from premium movies and fan favorite TV series to family friendly shows and popular Spanish language programming.


How did you come up with the idea for OTTera? What do you think makes OTTera unique?

We launched OTTera in 2017 after working in the OTT industry for over 7 years forging successful partnerships with Roku, VIZIO, Sony, Samsung and Hisense. After seeing firsthand how difficult it can be to reach key platforms and understanding the OS (operating system) fragmentation that exists globally, we realized how our innovative OTT technology could alleviate much of the technological and operational concern many content publishers face entering the OTT space, allowing them to focus on what they know best – producing and acquiring great content.

With this expertise, we decided to offer a custom client-based full-service solution. OTTera is unique in the fact that we have experience operating well-known OTT brands and have made that knowledge accessible to so many clients around the world. We are known for our international business development, excellent client support (which is more partner-like than vendor-based) and wide range of monetization opportunities, including advertising via OTTera AdNet+, transactions and subscriptions.


How has OTTera evolved over the last couple of years?

Since 2017, OTTera has grown to over 100+ clients and 500+ linear channels and moved rapidly into the global FAST space with business hubs in Europe, Africa, LATAM, Asia and the Middle East. Over the past year, we have hired several key executives to capture new revenue sources in the U.S and abroad, as well as many support staff.

We continue to move full speed into the FAST market through valuable connections with local publishers and, especially in Mexico and the Middle East.

What can we hope to see from OTTera in the future?

With every new client and platform comes an opportunity to make OTTera the best possible. Whether that be through developing new features or seeking out the right partnership, we are focused on our clients’ success. We will continue to involve ourselves at the forefront of this rapidly evolving industry.

Using our in-house analytics, we have been able to pinpoint territories that are starting to see significant growth in video streaming and we have put ourselves into position with global agencies to build strong advertising supply quickly in these new territories. We strongly believe that we are in a time period that is redefining how content is being consumed and how home viewers are being advertised to.

Our data is also being used to identify content trends that we are starting to use to support our own acquisition efforts. We view our position as unique in that we have 3 types of clients: publishers, platforms and ad agencies. Every day, due to our technology and reach, we are in a stronger position to service the needs of each, together.