A Chat With Steve Carrod, Co-Founder and MD at Digital Experience Company: DMPG

DMPG is a comprehensive digital experience enablement agency, providing versatile strategic and delivery tools, and services that enable companies to deliver optimal omnichannel customer journeys. We aim to set the gold standard for how services businesses now need to ensure seamless customer engagement and efficiency: analytics, conversion rate optimisation, personalisation, data governance, marketing automation, and tag management.

We provide expert support in implementing the right technologies and approaches, with experienced DMPG specialists certified primarily in Google and Adobe MarTech stacks. We are also committed to driving long-term value, working with innovative businesses across the globe to monitor and maximise their digital performance.
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How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Since our school days, my co-founder Tom Marianczak and I have shared a driven mindset, and dream to build our own agile and value-based global company. In our individual careers, we have strived to innovate fast, streamline processes and boost results; collectively gaining 40 years experience in data collection and activation.

After seeing other companies acting as marketplaces for disparate re-branded offerings, we wanted to bring something different to the table by delivering tailored guidance and services that make a tangible difference to clients.

This ambition was realised with DMPG’s launch in 2013. Stepping outside the norm was a risk and we spent several years refining our business model, and proposition, but the route we chose has proved successful. By helping businesses find what works for them and fuel continuing experience enhancement, we have earned a reputation as one of the most respected and sought-after players in our space; with clients including Waitrose, RS Components, Audible, The Economist, Saga, Joules, and many more.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

We saw increasing interest in digital enablement before COVID-19, but the acceleration in digital transformation has sparked a demand spike. All businesses have needed to align with the global shift to online-first living, shopping, and socialising — making digital experiences a priority.

Fortunately, flexibility has always been an integral element of DMPG. Our agility made it quick and simple to manage the remote working switchover, while maintaining efficient operations. We have pivoted to complete flexibility over delivery location; not only does it not matter whether our team is in an office, but it also doesn’t matter, in general, what country they are in, as long as they work in a way that continually exceeds clients’ expectations.

Later in 2020, growing client demand meant that we started actively hiring, with expectations to grow the team from 20 to 30 people by the end of 2021. With new hires balancing the team, we’re now switching the working week to 4.5 days, while still providing 37.5 hours of efficient — for colleagues and clients — delivery.

What can we hope to see from DMPG in the future?

Immediate sights are set on extending DMPG’s global reach. At the start of 2021, we expanded beyond our UK-centric base with a team in Brisbane, Australia, and are planning further moves across Europe and North America. Having more feet on the ground will mean we are even better placed to work in productive partnerships with global clients.

On the service front, the next big development is evolving digital experience strategy and journey orchestration. These areas have been covered within smaller separate strategic and omnichannel personalisation services, but the time is right to scale up.

With a fast-growing team, we have the scope to accommodate far-ranging strategic programmes, super-size operations, and onboard technologies to leverage wider opportunities — one exciting addition is Adobe’s Experience Platform, which includes sophisticated real-time data handling, customer journey analytics and management abilities. Our consulting and tech horizons are fast broadening, and we’re looking forward to exploring many new possibilities.