A Chat with Toan Nguyen, CEO at All-In-One Hiring Platform: Recruitery

Recruitery CEO

After spearheading multiple startups, a few friends – now my co-founders at Recruitery – and I understand the difficulty in finding and hiring the right people. Businesses are constantly in competition with one another for a small pool of talent provided by job boards. This job board model of recruitment has been around for decades with no changes or innovation. And most new hires in my experience came from the passive pool, where candidates weren’t actively seeking a new job anyways.

It was clear that the sector desperately needed innovation and something new. That’s why started Recruitery – a platform where employers can work with professional head-hunters to reach passive talents globally, rather than struggle to hire local talents. Our focus is providing for top-tier talents, targeting senior-high level in any industry and any job roles.


What makes Recruitery unique?

Recruitery is a two-sided marketplace that connects employers with headhunters to help fill open positions, and help companies hire international talents compliantly. This means we can deliver a fast recruitment service at a massive scale through technology and the power of network effects.

There are thousands of headhunters from headhunting firms and recruitment agencies that will help you with recruitment projects. Recruitery can cut out most of the time of finding candidates and doesn’t waste time screening resumes.

For headhunters, We enable them to:

– increase their income times 3. As 5000+ headcounts need to be filled, this means more opportunities for their candidates to choose from. Headhunters can also work on multiple projects, in direct collaboration with employers, thus making placements faster.
– Save 80% of the sale and operational cost, because Recruitery will do all the sales, biz dev, and account management. As our service is all rolled into one, so the headhunter can focus 100% on candidates and closing jobs.
– Manage their workflow efficiently with Recruitery’s built-in applicant tracking system and talent management tool.

Additionally, both employer and headhunter are safe with our escrow payment. We keep the money and pay the headhunter or safely refund on schedule.


How has Recruitery evolved over the last couple of years?

Our revenue has trebled over the past two years. Luckily for our business, during the COVID pandemic, companies from the US, Europe, Japan, and Singapore were still looking to hire remote talent from developing countries like India, Indonesia, China, and Vietnam. This boosted our traction and we have continued to keep momentum.

Over the last two years, we launched two new features: global payroll services and a headhunter website. We have helped thousands of candidates uncover remote work opportunities that they never knew existed and landed them new jobs that increased their incomes. Recruitery has also helped thousands of companies to cut costs. We are proud of this and those we have helped move forward in their career.

What can we hope to see from Recruitery in the future?

With the future uncertainty of the current economy, many companies will be trying to cut costs and choose a leaner budget. This will see a rise in remote work and outsourcing new hires to developing countries.

So, at Recruitery, we see our next challenge as disrupting the ‘old world’ of employment to make hiring a smoother, faster, and easier process for all those involved. We want companies to have the ability to hire employees from anywhere in the world, create an adaptive hiring plan, and install a faster-moving employment strategy instead of fixed hires and massive layoffs being the norm.

Going forward we will aim to build more tools to support headhunters too, helping candidates unlock global opportunities and ensuring candidates can land their new job faster instead of taking 3-5 months to find a new position. We are excited about the future of the company and are continuing to innovate the recruitment space.