A Chat with Uri Raz, CEO at UGC Live Streaming Platform: Tango

Coming from a family with little means, I was motivated to apply myself at university, excelling academically and starting my entrepreneurial journey soon after.

I, fortunately, found success early on. I founded Tango as an innovative messaging and video chat app in 2009, as the first mobile cross-platform, cross-network video chat platform.

Tango grew in popularity over the years, adjusting with global market changes. In 2018 we pivoted into the exciting live-streaming space and took our quality video technology with us. Already a $70 billion market in China, live-streaming is a growing phenomenon that is transitioning to the western world. Today, Tango is the largest western company in the UGC (user-generated content) live-streaming space.
Tango Live Stream Provides A Fresh Place For Online Fundraising To Grow

How did you come up with the idea of the company?

In 2017 it was clear that Tango had to refocus to keep up with the world- Live streaming was in its infancy but had great potential. Tango was ready to welcome this technology, with 35 patents for superior video quality and super-agile nature. I was very confident then that we could accomplish great things in this space and I can now proudly say we are doing exactly that.


What are the biggest trends affecting the social media industry?

In recent years, we’ve seen major social media shifts. The western market is a largely expanding space for live-streaming and UGC. The ads business model is shrinking and many social networks are shifting to other business models with different monetization methods.

Coupled with current generations’ shorter attention spans, it’s clear that social media will continue to advance more and more towards live content, relying on micro-transactions rather than ad-oriented consumer monetization. There has already been an emergence of 5G technology that enables HD live content, making it even more clear where the world is heading. With a head start in the western market, Tango has the opportunity to lead the industry through this growth.

What is coming for Tango in 2022?

Tango is elevating social media, offering live content and meaningful connections with zero ads, all while respecting user privacy. Our live platform is continuously improving to foster the ultimate creator economy where creators can interact, socialize, build their fanbase, and earn money as a full or part-time job.
Tango is an agile and innovative company.

We create engagement tools that help our users unlock their creativity and earn more. Our implementation of AR and NFT-like Tango Cards is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our development. We are excited to introduce many more advancements of our technologies, tools, and offerings in the coming year.