A Chat with Vadim Rogovskiy, CEO and Co-Founder at 3DLOOK: The Global Leader in AI-First Mobile Body Measuring & Fit Solutions

Vadim Rogovskiy

3DLOOK is the global leader in AI-first mobile body scanning solutions which aim to improve sizing, increase personalization and reduce waste in the fashion and retail sectors.

YourFit, the flagship e-commerce product by 3DLOOK, is the first and only solution on the market that virtually replicates the entire in-store fitting room experience. By taking two photos on a smartphone device, customers can instantly access personalized size and fit recommendations, as well as a virtual dressing room where they can visualize garments on their bodies.

The solution increases customers’ confidence and helps them find products that they will love and keep. In turn, businesses can increase their sales, reduce returns, and avoid unnecessary emissions.

Over the years, 3DLOOK has worked with over 100 fashion brands and retailers, including big names such as VF Corporation, Tailored Brands and Berkshire Hathaway’s Fechheimer. Using 3DLOOK solutions, these brands are achieving 4x more conversions, 20%+ AOV growth, and dramatically reduced product returns and waste.
3DLOOK | Virtual try-on, fit and size recommendation solution

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Back in 2016, 3DLOOK was born from an idea to create a smartphone-accessible digital passport that would stock the user’s body data to help solve everyday tasks — ordering clothing items, tracking progress in fitness apps, or creating video game avatars — with ease.

This idea led to the development of 3DLOOK’s patented mobile body scanning technology that’s based on a combination of computer vision, neural networks, and 3D statistical modeling. This technology continues to power 3DLOOK’s fashion and retail solutions today.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

3DLOOK has seen demand for body scanning solutions explode during the pandemic.

The growth of e-commerce as consumers shifted online has accelerated adoption, while in-store disruption pushed businesses to seek ways to offer a dressing room experience online. Moreover, brands across the industry saw an opportunity to increase engagement and personalization for their customers.

In that time, 3DLOOK has continued to refine its products. The company has spent countless hours gathering feedback from businesses and end-wearers. This has helped unveil pain points in the customer journey and identify new features that would benefit businesses most.

As a result, the pandemic that has helped businesses to realize the long-term benefits of mobile body scanning solutions, combined with our efforts to improve and refine our solutions, has led to 900% growth in the past two years. During the pandemic, 3DLOOK has also successfully raised two funding rounds, securing backing from Almaz Capital, Spidertek, TMT Investments and others.

What can we hope to see from 3DLOOK in the future?

In early 2022, 3DLOOK is rolling out a product set to disrupt the current e-commerce industry, providing a high-end user experience that enhances customer confidence and boosts engagement.

The out-of-the-box solution has been redeveloped from top to bottom, based on the feedback of brands as well as end-users over the years. We have yet to announce the full details, but we are happy to share with readers of TechRound that it will feature prompt integration with leading e-commerce platforms, outright data privacy, and a revamped UX. Businesses will benefit from higher conversion rates, reduced returns, and body data insights to tailor future product development and marketing campaigns.

3DLOOK will continue to enhance its solutions and partner with industry leaders in pursuit of its goals to promote sustainability in the apparel industry and help companies to change and adapt to the new realities.