Abi Hannah, Co-Founder and CEO at Fertility Circle App: Empowering People on the Path to Parenthood

Fertility Circle is a one-stop fertility app that connects, supports and empowers anyone on the path to parenthood. We offer community support, virtual events, and access to world-leading fertility experts. Think of us like your best friend with all the fertility smarts!

We have over 50 world-leading fertility experts working with us; a lively community of fertility hopefuls; and a catalogue of articles, tutorials and tools to support your journey. We bring together the clinical (IVF, tests, donor services etc) with the holistic (nutrition, mental wellness, acupuncture etc) to support every aspect of the fertility rollercoaster.

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

I launched the Fertility Circle app because of my own difficult journey to motherhood. I’ve felt the rush of hope and the stomach lurch of another failed cycle or loss, and I wanted to help others cut through the fertility fog. 1 in 6 couples experience fertility issues, and 50% of those are not seeking medical or professional support.

This is due to the perceived (and actual) cost of fertility treatment, lack of access, and the stigma associated with infertility – particularly for men. Those that do seek help are overwhelmed and often ill-informed.

There is a lot people can do to support their fertility – in their lifestyle choices and in their decision making on tests, treatment and interventions. We want to reduce stigma, break down barriers to accessing quality information, and open up the fertility conversation.

How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

The pandemic has seen fertility treatment delayed or cancelled up and down the country. Fertility Circle has helped people turn to virtual support and education, and hosted fertility providers as they pivot towards virtual consultations and advisory services.

We launched in October 2020 and we’ve seen a swathe of downloads since then and huge community growth – we’re delighted to be helping people. We’ve hosted over 50 virtual events across a range of fertility experts and topics and made those available for playback on the app.

In response to the pandemic, we’ve also made premium Club membership on the Fertility Circle app free for a limited time. I’ve had two failed IVF cycles during lockdown trying to conceive my second and no one should have to face that feeling unsupported.

What can we hope to see from the Fertility Circle in the future?

We’re currently preparing to raise investment and looking to bring onboard an additional co-founder as CTO. After that we’ll focus on building v2 of the app and we’ve got lots of exciting features planned based on community feedback. We’re already partnering with fertility clinics in the UK to support their patient journey, and want to streamline those services and broaden reach into the US. This year we’ll also be hosting our first Fertility Summit, bringing together a range of fertility experts for a premium showcase event. Watch this space!