Alan Lowe, CEO at Visionable: A Video Collaboration Platform Designed For Healthcare

Visionable is a healthcare technology company, established in 2015, that provides a digital collaboration platform for clinicians to deliver better patient care. Designed by founders who have worked within the NHS and who continue to partner closely with NHS clinicians, the platform has been created to develop fit-for-purpose digital care pathways and virtual care consultations.

Used by NHS hospitals and Trusts, Visionable has delivered and improved patient flow, facilitated quicker decision making and improved patient experience across multiple care settings and specialities such as stroke. This extends to patient consultations, remote diagnostics, telehealth solutions, multi-disciplinary teams, virtual visits, and critical patient services.
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How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Having spent much of my working career within the NHS, I was acutely aware of the challenges that clinicians faced and resulting patient outcomes. We also believed that there was global workforce challenge coming, with not enough specialist doctors to care for patients. Video conferencing technology solves many of these. However, to ensure we could create a meaningful impact, due consideration was given to addressing all of a clinician and patient’s needs in a single, specialised service. Compared to other telehealth companies, in this regard, Visionable was the first made-for-measure solution.

My co-founder, Lord Victor Adebowale, CBE, and I pooled our wealth of experience in delivery of healthcare and wider social services. Victor has launched many initiatives and as Chair of the NHS Confederation he is well attuned to the barriers of progress clinicians face as am I through working in the public and private health sectors. Combined, we were able to design and launch a company aimed at alleviating these constraints and strive for a more equitable health landscape.

What advice would you give to other aspiring entrepreneurs?

From my perspective and experience within social entrepreneurship, if the challenge you are trying to resolve impacts many people and your proposed solution is delivered efficiently, you can create lasting change. Having worked across the public and private sectors, entrepreneurship has given me the freedom of uninhibited thought which has been amongst the most important qualities to allow me to challenge established ways of care delivery.

What can we hope to see from Visionable in the future?

Currently, one our main areas of focus is on stroke care. Our Connected Ambulances will help us continue to develop in this area and working with some of the world’s largest telco companies, like Verizon and O2, is helping us achieve this. Connected Ambulance allows paramedics to connect with remote healthcare specialists to deliver on-the-spot diagnoses for patients, critical to avoiding wasted time when delivering healthcare as well as unnecessary A&E admissions.

As a health technology company our internal ambitions are not defined by current progress. We continue to develop ideas with an eye firmly on the future. In part, this extends the use of our video conferencing solutions, which are vital in developing the Connected Ambulance. Additionally, we also endeavor to build system-wide solutions which will house the various elements of healthcare delivery – like pharmacies, care homes, hospitals and patients – under one connected platform.

Visionable acknowledges the rapidly transforming technological and social landscapes of today’s world, which are vital to factor in our visions of the future, which is firmly rooted in delivering more accessible and equitable healthcare. This may take the form of decentralised care delivery or enhanced remote healthcare monitoring.