Alex Zacney, Co-Founder at ivee: Bringing Health and Wellness Services to People’s Houses

ivee is a digital health platform that connects users with nurses, bringing health and wellness services to peoples’ living rooms.

ivee’s mission is to make health services more accessible for all. The company has combined technology with the efficiency of a distributed medical professional team in cities across the U.S.

Whether it’s delivering recovery IV therapy to a single patient or performing COVID-19 testing for an entire office, the platform helps individuals get the care they need, wherever and whenever their schedules require. This is just the beginning of creating a world where health begins at home.
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How did you come up with the idea for the company?

After a friend told LJ Troilo myself how terrible the booking experience was for a recent IV treatment, we realized there were significant inefficiencies in the way that individuals book and receive not only IV therapy but most health services.

We began researching home healthcare solutions and found that little to none existed on a large scale. Most competitors were started by doctors paying little attention to user experience, so we combined our backgrounds — mine in healthcare and LJ’s in marketing and user acquisition and created ivee.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

ivee launched in March of 2020, a time when the pandemic was beginning to be a major issue around the globe. Being a health-first company, we took this in stride and by July 2020, quickly adapted our services to be able to secure personal protective equipment (PPE) and securing more nurses in the database.

In September of 2020, ivee expanded services to include COVID-19 testing and began helping schools and business access tests in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, leveraging the pool of 50+ nurses in those areas.

These paradigm shifts within health and society contributed ivee’s increased ability to scale for two main reasons:

  • Consumer behavior towards concierge service changed. People now expect services to be on-demand and have an increased desire for care to come to them, in the safety of their home
  • Permanent shifts in telemedicine reimbursements make home health visits more feasible and economical than ever


What can we hope to see from ivee in the future?

We have our sights set high on how intensely we want to penetrate the healthcare industry. We believe home healthcare has the potential to rapidly grow in popularity. We envision a future where ivee makes receiving health services at home the rule, not the exception.

IV therapy is just the beginning, and we plan to offer additional in-home services such as:

  • phlebotomy
  • point-of-care testing
  • remote patient monitoring
  • vaccinations

At the end of February, we are launching in 5 cities including Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Aventura, Boca Raton, and Palm Beach. We also have plans to continue to add service locations in major US cities by the end of 2021.