A Chat with Alexandre Bilger, CEO at Enterprise Search Platform: Sinequa

Alexandre Bilger,

Sinequa provides enterprises with powerful and intelligent search. Our platform combines deep natural language processing (NLP), rich semantic analysis, advanced entity extraction, and machine learning technology to automate the extraction of meaning from unstructured content. Sinequa’s platform supports professionals across a range of industries, from life sciences and financial services, to manufacturing and intelligence agencies.

It automates the analysis of millions of files and offers a 360-degree view of all data sources, processes, and expertise. With these capabilities, the platform drives informed decision-making and enables vital processes for our customers, from drug discovery and delivery to safety and compliance.


What problem was Sinequa set up to address?

Sinequa was set up to offer enterprises the kind of powerful search services that tech giants such as Google offer to the consumer. We saw that enterprises’ valuable information remained largely siloed and underutilised. To address this, we created an intelligent search tool that enables organisations to tap into the vast knowledge and expertise contained within their enterprise data.

As our customers’ needs became more sophisticated, and the maturity of the Cloud delivered greater scalability, flexibility, and extensibility, we optimised the platform for Microsoft Azure. Today Sinequa Search Cloud addresses the most complex information challenges to surface insights that drive innovation, efficiency, and productivity.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

Sinequa was a key part in accelerating our customers’ digital transformation to meet the needs of workers suddenly forced to work remotely in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our platform’s ability to surface relevant insights and information from content sources across multiple applications addressed the problem of app splintering – the rapid proliferation of disparate online applications. While the first half of 2020 brought about some disruption as everyone adjusted to the pandemic, increasing demand for tools to support an efficient digital workplace subsequently helped to drive growth. Over the last two years we have expanded our footprint in North America and we are continuing to grow our headcount globally.

From a technology perspective, we continue to innovate and expand offerings to meet our customers’ needs. With the introduction of the Search Cloud, our technology will be available via two offerings: the Search Cloud Platform, a scalable platform designed for large enterprises to build multiple insight apps; and Sinequa’s SaaS application, Workplace Search, which is powered by the Search Cloud and managed by Sinequa.

What can we hope to see from Sinequa in the future?

Advances in technology are rapidly transforming enterprise search and enhancing its capabilities. For example, developments in Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and language models based on deep-learning neural networks, which enable computers to better understand human language by taking into account context and intent, are bringing the first fundamental changes to search technology in decades.

The next step for the Search Cloud will be the addition of Sinequa’s first-to-market Neural Search capabilities for dramatically improving search result accuracy and increased relevance based on the application of deep learning technology.

As a company, we are set to continue our strong growth trajectory and will continue to accelerate our international expansion.