Meet Alice Tärk, Chief of People at Investment App: Change

Alice Tärk,

Change is an investment app that makes investing in crypto and other assets super easy. Together, we’re committed to removing the barriers and complexities to wealth creation by developing the tools needed for people to take control of their finances.

With low fees and a customer-centric approach, we allow every person to enter the investment world with no hassle.


Change Logo


What do you think makes this company unique?


We’re different in that enabling ‘wealth creation for all’ isn’t just marketing speak to us, we are actually making it happen.

With Change, users can start out with as little as 10 Euros – meaning anyone, regardless of their traditional ‘bankability’, has the opportunity to make their money work harder for them – ultimately to secure more. We’re also one of the few trading platforms that don’t charge fees on Bitcoin trades.

Our uniqueness also lies in our community. Being a company with 7000 private investors, makes many of our app users also investors, advisors and fellow changemakers who believe in our mission as much as we do.

Alongside this is an incredibly simple interface which has been purposely designed to be as easy to use as possible for ‘investment newbies’ who want to make their first steps in the finance world. And with our incredibly talented, passionate and friendly bunch of people we  are always happy to help and committed to raising the innovation stakes higher.



How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?


Since starting out in 2016, we have quickly become one of the leading investment apps in Europe with over 100m Euros traded monthly from across 30 countries.

Our once small team has quickly grown to 95 (and rapidly growing), as has our stock of high-profile C-level experts. Our new colleagues, such as ex-Wise team members Roman Rossov (VP of Growth) and Mikhail Luzhetskiy (CFO), for example, continue to bring the depth of experience and drive to help take our business onto another level.

On the regulatory front too, we now have a brokerage licence in Amsterdam – making us one of the only businesses globally to hold both a traditional and crypto investment licence.

All of that is continually helping us grow even faster and be one of the most trustworthy app for people who want to make the first investing steps.


What can we hope to see from Change in the future?


Our focus remains on continuing to improve our product to provide the easiest and most comprehensive offer on the market.

Following the recent launch of the Change Investor card, which enables users to make quick crypto payments for everything, and our Growth Pocket feature, where users can take advantage of Change’s competitive 7% APY, we have lots more major product launches and updates in the pipeline.

For us, the ultimate goal is to become the most loved and simplest investment app in the EU and bring investment opportunities to millions and millions of people. We acknowledge that we still have a lot of work ahead of us. But with the firm foundations now set in place and having such an awesome team making it all happen, we’re confident we can reach it in the not too distant future.