Interview with Alok Alstrom, CEO at API-Widget: is an API-widget that lets gig workers port their gig data to any third party service and lets companies understand how they work and make money in order to serve them better.

It also helps work with banks to make better lending decisions, lower default rates and shorten loan application processes for the benefit of both the lender and the applicant.

The platform covers more than 65 million gig economy workers across the world and offers more than 40 fields of real-time income and work history data. comes from the team behind leading recruitment platform AppJobs, which matches applicants to flexible gig economy roles with companies such as Uber and Doordash.
Unveel | Verify income and work history

What’s the idea behind the company? is on a mission to make lives easier for gig economy workers, their employers and other interested parties such as banks and lenders.

Traditionally, gig economy workers often struggled to be considered eligible borrowers or applicants because of the way their salaries were earned and paid.

This can apply to anything from background checks for renting an apartment, taking out a car loan or vetting a prospective employee.

Given how the world of work is rapidly changing and flexible working is becoming more and more common, it is unfair that employees should be at a disadvantage simply because of a difficulty in obtaining data. can help with important aspects such as verifying work history, giving visibility to earnings and authenticating workers through background checks.


How has the company evolved during the last couple of years?

Like many companies, had to take a look at existing working patterns and see how we could adapt to remote working.

Thankfully, flexible working is something we have been passionate about since day one and we were able to adjust without any real difficulty.

We have known for a long time that working remotely is not a barrier to productivity and that as long as the correct procedures are in place, there is no reason why output has to suffer.

What can we expect to see from in the future?

It’s an incredibly exciting time for as we continue to grow our client base at a rapid rate.

The pandemic has caused a major shift towards flexible working and gig economy roles, and it’s difficult to see these attitudes regressing to what they were before Covid-19.

We believe the gig economy will only continue to grow and that creates a real need to streamline key data processes.

By combining important data such as income and work history into one place, is making lives easier for everyone involved.