Amy Thomson, Founder at Moody Month: A Daily Health and Wellness Tracker For Women

Amy Thomson, Founder at Moody Month

Moody month is an app that allows women to track and support their mental and physical health, a one-stop shop for mind and body.

The app tailors wellness solutions to users’ most common moods and symptoms. Health tracking designed for women’s biology. Every woman’s cycle is slightly different and will change across a lifetime, so our machine learning has been designed to reflect patterns of emotional and physical changes back to women, so every woman can optimise their daily health.
Moody month Application | We Are Moody

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

In 2016 I suffered extreme burn out from work and was told it was all hormonal. I had no idea that stress was hormonal and would affect my cycle and sleep, which in turn would have a huge knock-on effect to my mental and physical health.

The more I looked into it, the more hormones were at the heart of everything from sleep, metabolism and even sex drive. Hormone science is the baseline for how to understand and optimise your mind and body, and for women your period cycle is one perfect way to start learning the hormonal language of your body.

In 2016 the health tracking landscape was all focused on fertility or performance, nothing that helped me to track my everyday mental and physical health. To access everyday health advice, I had to pay a lot of money for experts in nutrition, training and even coaching which seemed unfair – every woman should have access to this information and science. There is a need for more democratic and affordable everyday health. Building Moody as the affordable one stop shop for mind and body is both a personal and social mission: empowering women through health and a better understanding of their body.


What advice would you give to other aspiring female entrepreneurs?

Become obsessed with your space and your mission. Building a business is a commitment and you have to be ready for the long game, this means having integrity with what motivates you. If you are going to motivate yourself to keep pushing through the rejections and stress of running a business, you need to truly know you are doing it for more than just money or ego.

What can we hope to see from Moody Month in the future?

Developing a wider portfolio of solutions to support women at every hormonal life stage. We want to support women long term in optimising their body and mind.