An Interview with Rob Bellenfant, CEO of TechnologyAdvice: Supporting Women in Tech

Rob Bellenfant

TechnologyAdvice’s purpose is to create opportunities for technology buyers, technology vendors, our team members and our communities. Find out how they are supporting women in tech…


Why is it important to support women in tech?


At TechnologyAdvice, 50% of our senior leadership roles are filled by women. Frankly, our company would not be growing at the rate we are without the expertise and daily contributions of those leaders. If tech companies don’t start making a point of creating an environment that is both inclusive and encouraging of women in tech, they are missing out on incredible talent.




Why should companies increase female tech job opportunities?

Representation matters. Hiring women inspires other women to pursue technology-related jobs because they can see themselves in those roles. Numerous studies have shown that a robust approach to diversity and inclusion significantly increases productivity, innovation, and overall commitment to an organization. Employees are happier and more fulfilled when they feel that diversity is a priority for the company. By fostering a diverse workplace, women feel more empowered to pursue promotions and leadership opportunities within the company because they feel their needs will be understood and supported. 




What can companies do to support women in tech?


  1. Make sure women are supported through mentorship from company leaders and others who have experience in the careers they want
  2. Celebrate their wins as individuals and within teams when they achieve their goals and make an impact
  3. Be intentional about making your team a welcoming one for women by providing an environment, benefits, culture initiatives, and incentives that consider the needs of all women