Andreas Knürr, Co-Founder and CEO at Online Scheduling System: TIMIFY

TIMIFY is an online scheduling and resource management platform trusted globally by over 55,000 organisations including Intersport, AON, and Sovona. Our overarching mission is to make appointment scheduling quick, easy, and accessible for everyone. We offer Classic, Premium and Enterprise product plans which mean we cater to every kind of company and budget.

We work with a whole range of organisations from large retail enterprises to SMEs in the beauty industry.

We founded TIMIFY in 2012. Last year we secured €4.5 million in funding and were selected to participate in Kickstart Innovation’s 2020 programme. Right now it’s a hugely exciting time for us.
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How did you come up with the idea for the company?

I’ve had a lot of sports injuries in my life which led me to invest in a physiotherapy centre. Naturally, booking appointments is a big part of that business model but I soon realised that a first-class online booking system for all kinds of businesses didn’t exist in the market.

So, my business partner Boyan Tanchev and l thought, why not create one? It went from there and our shared vision for positive change has been the constant driver that unites us.


What advice would you give to other aspiring entrepreneurs?

This isn’t the first company I’ve founded. In fact, I have a 15-year long history of leadership roles in digital innovation and strategy. As such, my advice would simply be: don’t give up. Believe in your product, work very hard, have a family who will support and understand you not always being there for them, find the right people to work with, let them be part of the decision-making process and learn from them. The first years will be tough, but if you are focused and love what you do, you will find the way. So enjoy the ride!

I would also add that you should always think about the customer. TIMIFY’s whole premise is based on helping companies provide excellent customer service – we boost internal processes by streamlining data flows, integrating appointment self-scheduling, and offering a huge array of statistical insights.

This means our own client service has to be excellent. We’ve found that truly listening to the needs of customers helps grow a company. That’s why our tools are customisable and flexible, and what led us to develop new products in 2020 such as our Customer Survey app and video conferencing apps.

What can we hope to see from TIMIFY in the future?

Companies that want to thrive need to be able to offer all kinds of different online solutions to engage and capture customers at the right time. Finding more personalised solutions is where TIMIFY is heading. Over the next year, our three main priorities are to continue building features that empower businesses to connect more effectively with their customers; growing our tech partnerships so we can offer customers the best digital experiences; and delivering more productivity tools that save our users time.

We’ve got a lot of new products in the works too but we’re particularly excited about launching the TIMIFY Q App – a virtual queue management software, as well as our Google Reverse App – which will allow customers to book appointments straight from Google Maps or a Google My Business profile.

What’s more, one of our biggest projects for 2021 is providing online appointment booking to assist in the safe rollout of Coronavirus vaccines to millions of people across multiple countries. As well as national vaccination programmes, our software will be used by GPs and private practices for localised vaccinations and fast testing projects. We’re proud to be helping medical practices improve efficiency and reduce the risk of infection in busy waiting rooms by managing the flow of appointments. Going forward, we predict we’ll see a lot of uptick in requests from the healthcare and public sector as they embark on their own digital transformation journeys.