Meet Andreas von Estorff, CEO of is a revolutionary online modelling community, which helps clients around the world source models and talents for their projects. They emphasise that the world of modelling needs diversity. They aim to change your preconceptions about who can be a model and prove that modelling is for everyone!


Andreas von Estorff


What Inspired You To Create

I was always fascinated by the role technological innovations could play in driving efficiencies across industry verticals, while being leveraged as a force for good. Having also married a model, I quickly became familiar with the inherent challenges that models face on a daily basis, particularly in terms of payment delays, and losing control over how their images are used and distributed.

To address these industry pain points, I created, and set about creating a best-in-class ecosystem for models, talents and brands. Today, the ecosystem is trusted by over 1 million models and influencers worldwide, 50,000 brands including MTV, H&M & Garnier, agencies and photographers, and is home to over 10 million model images.


What Would You Say is The Overarching Mission of the Platform? is a digital marketplace for models, talents, and influencers built on the principles of transparency, trust and safety. Those are not just empty words, they define the culture of our platform, the due diligence we carry out on behalf of our models, and the opportunities that we enable.

We are also on a mission to lead the digital transformation of the modelling world, while harnessing innovations in Artificial Intelligence and blockchain technology to help models and their clients manage their image rights and payments with absolute confidence and clarity.

In October of this year, we announced a strategic partnership with payments giant Deel geared towards bringing on-time payments to models around the world. This marks a significant shift in the fashion industry, enabling models to get paid on their own terms, and without delay.


What Technological Innovations Do You Feel Have The Most Potential To Add Value and Drive Efficiencies in Your Industry?

I firmly believe in the far-reaching potential of Artificial Intelligence and blockchain technology to deliver greater levels of transparency, trust and safety for our industry. Specifically, I view AI deployments through the prism of opportunity, as an enabler of advanced image search customisation, making it easier for brands to connect with models that meet a distinct set of criteria for a photo shoot or campaign.

Similarly, I feel that broad industry adoption of Smart Contracts would be a hugely positive development for our space, helping models to securely define project conditions and their image rights from the offset. These digitally signed contracts would copper fasten the scope of work before a project is initiated, and ensure models aren’t forced to endure undue delays before receiving payments.