Interview with Andrei Stoica, Co-Founder at Superpow! – A New App In The Mental Health & Wellbeing Space

Andrei Stoica

We are a new start-up for mental health. Superpow! is not just another online therapy app: we replace traditional directory searching with intelligent matchmaking to find the best matches between users and therapists.

Creating a connection is so important in mental health, so we take language, ethnicity, and culture into account when creating these matches, giving people the chance to find the right person to talk to, no matter where they are from, or what their background is. We wanted to create something that is easy to use, flexible and without stigma.
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How did Superpow! start?

When I was experiencing mental health issues in the past, I tried several different therapists, but it never felt right. I had been living internationally for a while, but when I found a like-minded therapist that spoke my native language, everything changed. My therapist was able to relate to my experiences and immediately create a connection.

My colleague and co-founder had a similar experience too. Together with the team, we are lifting the barriers on mental health, especially for those of cultural minorities or different backgrounds who may also live a fast-paced, unrooted life.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

The pandemic has played a major role in the evolution of Superpow!. So many people have found their mental health come under strain in the past twelve months, while simultaneously it has been harder to access therapy in person. Because of this, we have seen a huge amount of interest in our service.

We have also recently crowdfunded £50,000 from 240 investors to finalise development, enable us to enter the market and accelerate growth, and launched a web-based MVP.

What can we hope to see from Superpow! in the future?

We are now part of the 2021 Healthinc Accelerator cohort (Startupbootcamp) and we are releasing an iOS and Android app next month. We are growing fast and preparing for our seed-stage fundraise at the end of April, with an investor Demo Day on 29th April. That capital will help further enhance our matching algorithm and also deploy our B2B channel. We have launched in London but we are looking to grow across the UK, and in Europe in the future.