Angela Ené, CEO & Founder of Modafirma and BAME50 Judge, Explains What She’s Looking For From Entrants

Angela Ené is the CEO & Founder of Modafirma and a seasoned Finance Director with over two decades of diverse experience in finance, investment, and technology. Her expertise spans private equity, venture capital, and banking, with a notable role at Arix Bioscience plc.

Angela has also founded tech startups, is a certified digital strategist, and champions the use of data analytics and fintech innovations. Her commitment is to nurture future business leaders in finance, life sciences, and tech.


What are you looking for from this year’s BAME50 entrants?


What I’m looking for are companies that are solving real pain points are highly scalable in the long term.

Companies or propositions that are making impact and are disruptive to status quo if how things are done. Perhaps they are saving time, money or rebalancing a societal issue or addressing pressing problems like climate change.


How can entrepreneurs or companies stand out from the crowd?


To stand out From the crowd. Companies should be innovative, address an issue in another way as opposed to replicating what already is. The world is awash with brands and startups. The ones that make the cut are those that are solving problems slightly differently.