Meet Angelica Kohlmann, MD, PhD, Chairman and Co-Founder of Bloom Diagnostics

Bloom Diagnostics is an innovative medtech company whose hardware and software can identify a range of medical conditions, using a combination of advanced biotechnology, cloud computing and scientific research. Bloom Diagnostics’ sophisticated system allows consumers to take control of their own health.

Through its next-generation technology and personalised data insights, Bloom Diagnostics applies machine learning to improve results and analyse data that may eventually help develop new therapeutics. Founded by Dr. Angelica Kohlmann and Thomas Kupper in 2018, it is headquartered in Zurich and also has offices in Vienna. With a team of 60 employees, Bloom Diagnostics has plans to drive expansion across Europe and the USA.


Angelica Kohlmann Bloom Diagnostics
Angelica Kohlmann, MD, PhD, Chairman and Co-Founder of Bloom Diagnostics.


Tell Us About Bloom Diagnostics, How Did it Come About?

It started out of the feeling that there was a need for something better: For better access to healthcare, for instant results and insights. Today, we are used to going online and easily finding the answers to any questions very quickly. When it comes to health, it is more difficult. The idea was to build a seamless system, user-friendly, providing instant, smart results for health tests.


What Challenges Have You Faced?

Challenges were present all over. Just to name a few: Thinking of how to achieve our goal of providing accessible, actionable healthcare. Finding investors who had the vision. Building the team with the right people. Technical challenges. Challenges in biotech – when it comes to biology, you cannot always calculate the outcome. Building the right hardware and software. Having all been orchestrated to work together seamlessly.

What Have You Learnt?

The most important lesson was that perseverance is what makes you become successful. So, finding the right team, who is like-minded, is key. Furthermore, yes, the idea is important, but you need to be flexible and adapt whenever you learn something new. Our product today, which people find amazing, isn’t what we had imagined in the beginning.


What Can We Expect to See From Bloom Diagnostics in the Future?

We aim to implement Bloom in almost everyone’s life, for people to be able to understand their health and to help them prevent disease. This will dramatically alleviate healthcare systems. People don’t need to see a doctor every time they don’t feel well or if they need to monitor a condition. Doctors will have more time to treat very serious illnesses. Bloom Diagnostics already offers great products. But these will evolve into something completely different, even smarter.


How Can Tech Solutions Help Democratise Healthcare?

Mature technologies are faster, more intelligent, have a better memory, or can better process data than humans. Also, they are cheaper. This means that many more people will have access to affordable healthcare. It is NOT a question of IF, but WHEN will it be fully available to everyone.