Meet Rami Darwish, Founder and CEO at MIMS Workflow Management Solution: Arrow Labs

Arrow Labs’ mission is to make deskless work simpler, better and more productive for frontline workers. This critical segment of the workforce has not enjoyed access to technology and software to help them become more productive and efficient.

Our flagship SaaS solution – called MIMS - connects workers to the back office from the field and orchestrates daily workflows and tasks to be executed with simplicity.

With clients across the telecoms, oil & gas, maritime and logistics sectors, to name just a few, we work to solve the digital disconnect by bringing innovative digital tools that empower frontline workers with technology to increase productivity and digital contribution to their organisations.

In this way, Arrow Labs’ technology makes remote workers (and companies) more efficient - dispelling the notion that technology threatens non-office jobs.

Instead, Arrow Labs saves frontline jobs.
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How did you come up with the idea for the company?

After spending almost 10 years in the corporate Tech world, it became apparent to me that there was a huge gap in access to digital tools between frontend and backend operations.

I realised that deskless workers, who make up 80% of the global workforce, were being typically overlooked in the wider digitalisation of business. While there were a plethora of tools available for digitalising back-office operations, the frontline relied on rudimentary tools such as clipboards, walkie talkies and paper forms to capture information and execute workflows.

This gap created challenges in the streamlined flow of information, often leading to loss of critical data and increasing inefficiency due to lack of access to real-time information from the frontline.

It became apparent to me that solving this problem is my mission, and by executing the mission, the vision of democratising access to technology and tools for this important segment becomes one step closer.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

For most companies, the pandemic presented the challenge of how to continue seamless operations, whilst employees worked from their homes. Successfully adapting to this challenge relied largely on the technology at a company’s disposal.

This shone an even brighter light on the desk/field worker digital disconnect and highlighted the importance of making digital solutions available for field staff.

A company able to successfully overcome this disconnect was Essential Repairs, a property maintenance firm in London. During a time when most of the world was going under lockdown to contain the spread of COVID-19, Essential Repairs was fully equipped to handle remote management of jobs and the team. Through the use of Arrow Labs’ technology, management was able to stay connected with their field services teams and continue their operations providing critical repair and maintenance to customers.

What can we hope to see from Arrow Labs in the future?

The outlook for the future is bright with much-untapped potential in mining, transport infrastructure, construction and others.

This year, we raised $5 million in our latest investment round, led by California-based venture capital fund Draper Associates, with participation from Dubai-based investor Global Ventures and Beirut-based B&Y Ventures Partners.

These funds are being used to accelerate growth into new markets such as the US, UK, mainland Europe and Southeast Asia, as well as to enhance the development of the MIMS platform’s machine-learning capabilities and further investing in AI capabilities.