A Chat With Rishi Jatania, Managing Director at CCI Kenya

Today, more than 3,000 CCI Kenya employees deliver digital customer management services (contact centre services including Customer Loyalty, Sales, Complaints) and much more for domestic and international clients around the world.

CCI Kenya MD, Rishi Jatania, speaks to TechRound about the specialist capabilities of the company and how the company has developed a deep understanding of business process outsourcing (BPO) needs for US and UK companies looking to outsource customer management processes cost-effectively to Africa.

How Does CCI Kenya Fit into The Wider CCI Global Delivery Network?

Rishi Jatania says: “CCI Global launched in Africa back in 2006 and since then have worked with various BPO partners around the world.

“This has led to the development of world class solutions for all kinds of business process outsourcing services. In particular, we’ve been able to gain a really important understanding of providing outsourcing services for US and UK companies to Africa.

“Today, the CCI Group operates from 14 delivery locations across five countries including CCI South Africa, UAE (our head office), Rwanda, Ghana and Ethiopia.”

What’s Behind The Growth In Popularity Of Business Process Outsourcing?

Rishi Jatania continues: “I think the flexibility of business process outsourcing (BPO) just makes sense for so many businesses in 2023. The ability of CCI Kenya to sustain specialist capabilities across multiple different sectors and quickly grasp exactly what international outsourcing clients need makes it a no brainer for many.

“Of course, business process outsourcing is also incredibly cost effective. We’ve found that so many leading brands working with us as specialist partners derive true value in a highly effective way.”

What’s Driving The Growth Of The African BPO Landscape in Particular?

Rishi Jatania says: “While India and the Philippines have traditionally been the hotspots for the BPO sector, Africa has been hot on the tails for a while.

“We have huge potential here thanks to the significant population of highly educated and young English-speaking people looking for opportunities on the African continent.

“As the largest BPO provider in Kenya, CCI Kenya offer full training and development to staff to ensure we meet the international standard of the company we are providing outsourcing services to. As fulfilling these requirements requires individual focus to the clients, we are supporting in their industry specific fast-paced commercial environment.”

“At CCI Kenya, as the largest BPO provider in the country, we have thousands of highly trained professionals able to offer exceptional services to domestic clients and as an outsourcing partner to global clients too.”

What Kind of Business Process Outsourcing Services Does CCI Kenya Offer?

Rishi Jatania says: “Our workforce at CCI Kenya goes through a highly developed training programme that enables them to deliver outsourcing services across multiple sectors.

“Following the same outline as the services offered by the wider CCI group, CCI Kenya finds the best solution for each business, whether that’s outsourcing mobile technology support services, customer management services, or digital customer management strategies.

“We can offer consumer sales support to leading brands, excellent customer service across the board, and support along the entire customer life cycle for the client.”

What’s The Future of BPO Outsourcing in Africa?

Rishi Jatania says: “The offshoring industry in Africa is growing all the time, matching the continent’s future expectations for economic growth.

CCI Kenya is aligned with the Kenya Vision 2030. which is a government initiative that aims to cement the country as a safe environment in which people can find a lasting career leading to a middle income country with a bright future.”

What Makes Working At CCI Kenya a Good Move For People in The Country?

Rishi Jatania says: “CCI Kenya is the leading business process outsourcing company in the country. We will continue to grow the business across more sectors, working with more business leaders around the world.

“To facilitate our success, we put CCI Kenya employees at the heart of everything we do. Carefully developed training and development across everything from devising digital & non-digital customer management strategies to how best to deliver consumer sales underpins their career trajectory.

We also provide state of the art facilities with everything in place to support their growth and success with the business. The variety of different services we offer – ranging from consumer sales, technical support, telecommunications services and more mean we can offer career paths with variety, interest and skill development.”

How Do You See CCI Kenya Developing in the Future?

Rishi Jatania says: “We’re firmly aligned with the Government’s Kenya Vision 2030 and are playing a leading role in facilitating these plans.

“The CCI Kenya team will soon be moving into our brand new, custom designed and purpose built contact centre, which will further support our employees.

“And, as the BPO sector continues to grow, we will be at the leading edge of Kenya’s success in this area.”