Meet Chanel Leadeham, Founder at Natural Home Fragrance Brand: Scented Hive

Chanel Leadeham, Founder of Scented Hive

Scented Hive is a new natural home fragrance brand that specializes in handmade aromatherapy wax melts, made with ethically sourced beeswax and a curated blend of pure essential oils. There are six scents available and each scent is made with a special purpose to provide an uplifting, calming or grounding atmosphere.

Our mission is to help women reconnect with their ‘inner hive’ the mind, body & soul through self-care.


How did you come up with the idea for the company?

The idea came to me whilst I was living in a women’s refuge. My experiences in the refuge taught me the importance of self-care, especially in a time of healing, I was struggling with my mental health and quite intense PTSD symptoms, one of the women in the refuge had brought her selection of wax melts to show everyone.

I had always been a candle user but the first time I used a wax melt, I was hooked. I found the current fragrances on the market to be a bit overwhelming, I started researching essential oils and their therapeutic benefits and knew I wanted to create a wax melt that was all-natural and be used to not only fragrance the home but also be used as a sensory grounding technique to combat PTSD symptoms and that’s how Scented Hive came about.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

The business actually started during the pandemic, setting up a new business is difficult in itself but during a nationwide lockdown, it presented new challenges. It was a time I spent doing a lot of research, many people were struggling with their mental health, domestic violence cases were increasing and referrals to refugees were reaching new heights.

I knew then what I was building was more than just a wax melt business, it was a brand focused on supporting women’s mental health. It also provided me an opportunity to learn from other businesses and see how they adapted to the challenges the pandemic brought on.

What can we hope to see from Scented Hive in the future?

Scented Hive is committed to our mission to help women reconnect with their ‘inner hive’, we have partnered with Work For Good to raise money for the Refuge charity. There are new scents that we are excited to release in the next few months.

Our main goal is to keep expanding and we hope to have a global reach in the near future with a platform that empowers women and encourages self-care as well as care for our planet.