Meet Gaurav Singh and Nayan Gala – Founders at Global Investment Bank: JPIN.

Gaurav: “With over ten years of experience in providing transaction advisory services for early-stage businesses, JPIN is a leading startup investment bank with key expertise in facilitating cross-border startup investments between the UK and the world’s leading emerging markets. With a significant presence in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, we are a global network of over 2000 investors made of corporates, family offices, PE-VC firms, angel networks, industry bodies and governments.

“We are dedicated to uplifting the impact of audiences globally – currently, six billion people worldwide are hungry for modernisation, education, and a better lifestyle, and navigating different countries for capital and growth can be a nightmare for startups. Many businesses often try, but are unsuccessful – especially because business culture is so different between the UK, Europe and emerging markets.”

“Our primary aim is to invest in tech startups and provide financial and industry support, ultimately helping these businesses scale up from Pre-Series A through to IPO stage. With a portfolio worth around $2.3 billion, we are extremely proud to have helped facilitate and deliver two Unicorns in the last two years through Global Capital and Consumer Markets.”


How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Nayan: “Being from India – one of the leading hubs of innovation – we saw such large amounts of global capital flow happening in the UK, and we wanted to be a part of the future of innovation. The Indian and UK startup scene actually have various factors in common – one thing being that both countries are focused on becoming a global digital hub. We realised that there were tremendous challenges for startups all across the globe; this gap provided a huge opportunity for us to completely transform the startup sector and that’s why JPIN was established. Currently, it’s the only player in the UK–India investment corridor, and we are extremely proud of how far we’ve come.”


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

Gaurav: “Launched in 2010, JPIN started off advising family offices in the UK, India and Middle East on M&A and financial services. From there, we started transitioning into helping large scale M&A assignments for Fortune 500 companies. It wasn’t until 2014 when we started to slowly move into cross-border investments – building investment corridors to connect the UK with Europe, India and the US.

“From there, we began our entry into the UK startup ecosystem – with the intention to solidify the investment corridor for all parts of the UK, including the Northern region. Last year, we officially became the largest cross-border investment platform between India and the UK, and to assist with fuelling global innovation, we have also recently launched two funds – the JPIN Global Fund and JPIN India Fund in association with MasterMind. Our aim was to ensure that MSMEs and early-stage businesses all receive equal opportunities for funding so that the brightest of entrepreneurs have the ability to transform their business and scale up globally.”

“Our recent accolades include receiving an Impact Award for uplifting rural and tribal masses across India, while Nayan will be receiving an award for Euro-India 40/40 for his work towards integrating startups and investors between the UK, Europe and emerging markets. From the beginning, we’ve been determined to bridge the gap between startups and opportunities of scaling up – particularly between emerging markets and more well-known markets – so to receive recognition for our work in this sector has been a tremendously rewarding time for the business.

What can we hope to see from JPIN in the future?

Nayan: “Obviously as a business, we hope to see a lot more from JPIN in terms of expansion and reach. We have two milestones that we are currently working towards achieving.

“The first includes our aim to mobilise $100Bn in investments into markets including the EMEA, US, Latin America, India and the UK. We’ve witnessed first-hand what it’s like to be part of such a rapidly growing country – in terms of talent and innovation – and therefore, we want to help other rapidly thriving economies reach their full potential. Secondly, we are looking to create an exclusive funding platform for Early and Growth Stage Startups – raising capital from Pre-Series A until IPO.

“As entrepreneurs ourselves, we have always understood the struggles that early-stage businesses have when it comes to industry expertise and the finance side of things. Therefore, we really wanted to create a business that looks to connect emerging markets all across the world and ensure that the companies shaping our future have the opportunity to access global expansion and an injection of capital from some of the world’s leading entrepreneurs.”