A Chat with Tom Baker, Founder & CEO at Agile Tribe

Agile Tribe is a B2B marketplace that matches companies with vetted freelance developers

With 500+ vetted software engineers we can have developers working on projects within 48 hours. Our experts have experience in over 300 different programming languages, frameworks & tools.

Each year we see a huge influx of new tech companies, unicorns and the digitalisation of established brands, however, there is a tremendous shortage of quality engineering talent.

By 2026, it’s estimated that there will be 1.2 million engineering job openings that are unfilled. Globally, companies risk losing $8.5 trillion in revenue because of the lack of skilled talent.

Companies are adapting to the problem by hiring freelance engineers, yet, there is still a stigma around hiring freelancers. 




Where did the idea of Agile Tribe come from?


Before starting Agile Tribe I had held multiple growth-related roles at some exciting start-ups and given the fact that growth these days commonly overlaps with product, I was able to gain a lot of exposure to engineering teams and their processes.

One thing I couldn’t get my head around was the lack of quality delivery. Engineers seem to be constantly missing deadlines and the quality of the output seemed to be very much below par.

When examining the situation, I found out that a lack of quality talent had left us scrambling around to find engineers. Although many were fantastic engineers in their own right, they did not possess the skills and personality traits that we needed to drive our product forward.



How do you see the future of work evolving?


I think we have already seen one of the biggest, if not the biggest shifts in the way people work. Post-pandemic companies now realise that a remote team can communicate and be as productive as they might have been sitting together in an office. Companies now have more understanding when it comes to fulfilling a work-life balance and this will help companies retain the best talent. 

65% of children entering primary school today will ultimately end up working in completely new job types. This will again be one of the biggest shifts we will ever see. The advances in technology will make many jobs redundant, however, I think we will see high demand in areas such as data and engineering.


What can we hope to see from Agile Tribe in the future?


In the short term, we would like to become the main source of revenue for the 500 engineers we have on the platform. We truly have some of the finest engineers around and they love what they do. Finding them exciting projects that fit not only their skill set but their lifestyle is our main focus for 2022. 

Longer term, we want to be known as “the” recognised and trusted brand when it comes to high-quality software development. When a company needs to increase their engineering team, release a new feature or build a new product from the ground up, they need to trust that this will be delivered on time and on budget. 


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